Custom Made BMW 850i Convertible up for Sale

Even though it may have crossed the minds of BMW officials at some point, the Bavarian automaker never actually built a convertible version of the 8-Series Coupe. But when there's a will (aka; plenty of cash), there's a way. Erik Williams, a former American football offensive tackle in NFL who played most of his career with the Dallas Cowboys, is (or rather was) the original owner of this custom made 1991 BMW 850i Convertible that is up for sale now by a Texas dealer located in New Braunfels.

In terms of styling, we would have anticipated a higher level of workmanship as the fine details are not up to standards. Not that it's unacceptable, but all those visible rivets seem out of place in a high-end GT like the 850i. In any case, if you're interested, the V12-powered 8-Series Convertible could be yours for $25,900.

Link: Automaniacs


Anonymous said... »December 29, 2008

that engine needs some love.

Anonymous said... »December 29, 2008

it's in pretty good shape i have to say, altough the engine needs some work as the man above said

Anonymous said... »January 05, 2009

Engine's fine - it's called cosmoline and it's put on their at the factory as a rustproofer - very common to see this on the 8s.

Anonymous said... »January 24, 2009


Anonymous said... »October 09, 2009

hey i would like to buy this car so if current owner at this point sees this and wants to sell it speak up

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2012

Not a bad looking 8 but I seen way better as a matter a fact I have one sitting my garage....

Anonymous said... »February 23, 2012

Let's see yours,then...

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