Peugeot 4007 SUV Sport Edition Released in Germany

Today's special edition model comes to us from Germany and Peugeot which released a sportier-looking version of its Mitsubishi Outlander based 4007 SUV. As its name suggests, the 4007 Sport Edition justifies its existence through a series of accessories that include 19-inch dark alloy wheels, aluminum roof rails, new twin exhaust pipes, a front lip spoiler, chrome surroundings for the fog lights, and a discreet roof spoiler. Inside, the French automaker has added a few extra goodies like the upgraded audio system and the automatic climate control to the vehicle's standard equipment. The 4007 Sport Edition is offered exclusively with Peugeot's 156HP 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine with prices in Germany starting from €38,350.


Anonymous said... »December 17, 2008

how long will peugeot continue to persevere with that plonked on nose, by all means create a family image so your company is recognisable. Echos of the MASSIVE Audi grille that rover briefly copied come to mind, just cover the front with your finger and you'll see what I mean. it looks absolutely autonomous. don't mind the back though it looks alright for a vauxhoyota.

Anonymous said... »December 17, 2008

This HAS to be the UGLIEST front end ever on a vehicle!!! and the rest looks like a pregnant 2008 PONTIAC VIBE!

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