Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with 921 Wheel-HP Blasts its Transmission into Space

This mishap goes to show you that accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Despite of what you may think, the transmission of this heavily modified Jeep Gran Cherokee SRT8 did not explode into a thousand pieces during a quarter mile run, but as its owner supports, while the vehicle was idling in a parking lot! Surprisingly, and even though someone was sitting in the driver's seat when the accident occurred, no one got hurt by the mechanical and plastic debris that were flying left and right.

The cause of the spectacular transmission explosion has not been determined, but we gather that the fact that the modded Grand Cherokee SRT8's V8 delivered around 921HP to the tires might have had something to do with it.

Source: Modern Muscle Forums , Via: Insideline


Anonymous said... »January 27, 2009

Rednecks famous last words, "Hey ya'll watch this"!

Anonymous said... »January 27, 2009

I'm sure the 2 giant NoS bottles in the back of the Jeep and what ever else is under the hood didn't have anything to do with the tranny exploding either.

Because I know tons of trannys that explode while sitting idling in a parking lot.

Just cause the dumbass said that to the cops and/or insurance company as not to get busted for being a moron, doesn't mean that was what he was actually doing to cause said explosion.

Anonymous said... »January 27, 2009

One more reason why dumbassess should not own vehicles.

Anonymous said... »January 27, 2009

I hope that red stuff is just transmission fluid...

Anonymous said... »January 28, 2009

i know automatic transmision couldn't handle it
900hp power with a black oil transmision ..should it yelow colored or red fluid..bwahahaaahahaha there is no mistake...change it to manual lol.. the brake n clutch at your automatic transmision is at the limit. plus maybe an presure that given from 900hp engine at the line fluid of the car just to much for that automatic
just like heart blown n death... change your transimion oil regulary lol!!!

Anonymous said... »January 28, 2009

I wonder if this is a warrenty repair! :)

Anonymous said... »January 28, 2009

Notice the number on the side, lucky 13s! Oh and IDLING MY ASS!

Anonymous said... »January 28, 2009

Yea, the NOS tanks in the back don't help his credibility any.

Anonymous said... »January 28, 2009

... the debris is all underneath the car, oil and all. Have any of you seen tranny fluid on the ground before, especially used fluid?

The NOS in the trunk is no secret either, the car's at 900+ HP obviously it's been modded for racing, I doubt there's any secret there.

I cannot fathom why everyone jumped on the, "YEAH RIGHT HE DIDN'T DO IT! AAHHAHA LLIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR" bandwagon. The point was, "Look what happened! Of all times to happen, pretty silly huh?"

I'm pretty sure that someone who got that engine to say 900+ HP changed the internals or complete tranny at that. Stock trannies on these are supposedly good till 650+HP anyway.

Obviously something was wrong it before it was left to sit idling, and then it failed. Sad to see such a highly modded SRT dead.

Anonymous said... »January 28, 2009

Sure it could have been sitting idling, but it never mentioned what he was doing before it was left idling? When i look at this, why do i hear banjos, and guitars from the movie "Deliverance"?

Anonymous said... »January 29, 2009

I see what looks like a knife and the car is just sitting there bleeding to death while these red necks watch and laugh =(...

John said... »January 30, 2009

"Deliverance" Squeal like a pig boy! Bet he had a perdy mouth.
Has dumbshit written all over it.

Anonymous said... »January 30, 2009

anyone notice the shifter is in reverse?

besides, thats only 100hp shy of a bugatti veyron...on a stock chrysler transmission? nah.

Anonymous said... »January 30, 2009

first off. its a chrysler...not a race car. second the 900 hp is probably with those two nos bottles in the back. and third y does he have to be a redneck? that just shows how ignorant you people are. yes its stupid to modify a car like that. my vote is he was playing with it in the parking spot and hit his nos button and that's what blew the tranny.

Anonymous said... »January 31, 2009

Who cares what happened. That's cool to have a vehicle like that with 900+ hp. In now way was it just idling. How did it get there to begin with? Sucks for that to happen, but when you are dumb, shit happens!

Anonymous said... »February 02, 2009

Only mechanical abuse could have caused the transmission to shred its innards. Why would any moron want to put 921 horses in an SUV engine? Do they plan to use this vehicle to launch the next shuttle mission?

Anonymous said... »February 03, 2009

Meh...It'll buff out.

Anonymous said... »February 03, 2009

i was there and towed the car to and from the track. the car was in the pits, was in neutral and had a gearbox failure. no insurance job, no redneck anything, no nothing. the car was built to run a time and a part failed. simple as that. i have turned spanners on the car and it is a quality build with no expense spared by the owner of it. wake up yourselves clowns

Anonymous said... »February 09, 2009

Tranny was a built up GM good for up to 1200 HP, but regardless he should have had a safety strap on the tranny, that's what they're designed for, to stop the frag. So still a dumbass, could have saved quite a bit of money.

Anonymous said... »February 09, 2009

yeah, that guy is very respectable for what him and his crew are's unventured water they are dipping into. I suppose that they could have used a tranny blanket...(the crew will have one on the next tranny.)

Anonymous said... »February 09, 2009

"plus maybe an presure that given from 900hp engine at the line fluid of the car just to much for that automatic
just like heart blown n death... change your transimion oil regulary lol!!!"

F**k me, I wish some of you dumb pricks would go back and finish 3rd grade, the spelling is atrocious!

Anonymous said... »February 23, 2009

Look at how green the trees in the background are!!!!!

Anonymous said... »March 31, 2009

One- who ever said put a standard in earlier is on glue. It would never hold the power. ( Maybe a Viper Spec 6 gear ). The SRT8 comes factory with the Benz 5 speed auto, NOT a Chrysler tranny.

Two- ( Heres the quote ) : lol.. the brake n clutch at your automatic transmision is at the limit. ( Anonymous Jan 28th )

What the hell does that mean??
The brake n clutch ? ?
For one, where is the brake? ( Unless he has a tranny brake ?, but I doubt this guy knows what that is )
clutch? How about clutches? or clutch packs? Auto do not have "a" clutch.
And do you have any idea what it would take to convert the SRT to a stick? More than it's worth, plus it would slow it down.

Three: 900+ Horse? He probably has a 7.0L stroker. Factory 6.1 does not come with "Forged" internals. 6.1's do not like Nitrous, I would go past a 75 shot with the stock rotating assembly.
Stage II or III ported heads w/nitrous cam, Intake, etc.
He probably spent $25000+ to pull those numbers.
Not unheard of.

Four- ( Anonymous Feb 02/09 )
Only mechanical abuse could have caused the tranny to shred?
And no one put 900 horse in a suv engine!! The 6.1 Hemi is not an suv engine. SO .. .. .. What you're saying is the Hemi Challenger has a suv engine in it? Yeah, right?
The Hemi charger has a suv motor in it as well? Of course it does. NOT!

How about .. .. .. The SRT Cherokee has a "HEMI" in it!! Not the other way around.
( Some people shouldn't be allowed to post )

Four- A safety strap on the tranny ? ? What the h*ll does that mean?
To save it from falling on the floor. The other guy was right, it should have or did have an IHRA/NHRA approved tranny blanket.

Five- ( Feb,09/09 ) The pressure given from a 900HP engine at the line fluid of the car .. .. .. ???
Again, what the h*ll does that mean???
I'm not going to even touch that one.

I wonder if people just make it up as they go along?

Six- Finally. I run a 1200H+ HP pro street mustang. I have a SRT8 Grand Cherokee for my daily driver.
Bottom line: When you build a vehicle that will produce those kinds of horsepower numbers .. .. .. S**t breaks!! Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with him not putting the right parts in .. .. .. he probably did use all the best parts. I know I do .. .. .. and s**t still breaks.
It happened, it sucks, get over it, I bet he already is.

Welcome to the world of Hardcore Racing.

Hp 2600N Toner said... »April 15, 2009

First off.. I want to congratulate the person who owns this car! It is really quite the beauty.. I myself would love to drive this car everyday since it is a car I had back in the day. It's vicious, it sounds like a monster, and most of all.. It's a masterpiece that can never be forgotten! But you see, as I got older it's funny how my choice of muscle car transitioned to the more elegant/luxurious modern day vehicle. I mean, I guess as we get older of course more things begin to make sense, like safety in a car, better sound quality, and an overall better rating for a vehicle! Well, enjoy and don't forget to Buckle-Up!

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