eBay Find: Vertu Nurburgring Racetrack Titanium Cell-Phone

In case you missed out on the special edition Vertu Nurburgring Racetrack mobile-phone that was produced in a limited run of 1,000 units, we found one on ebay with a "Buy it Now" price of $4,599 U.S. Designed to commemorate Germany's famous Nurburgring racing circuit, the Nokia based, Vertu cellular phone is made from knurled titanium and finished with racing leather and a radiator grill inspired bezel. Nifty it may be, but a used phone for nearly five grand doesn't quite make much sense in our books.

Link: eBay


Anonymous said... »April 01, 2009


1. I contacted the seller and asked for a copy of the sales receipt and certificate of authenticity. He said it would be included when I wired him the cash or met him personally with cash. BEWARE!!!

2. This listing is odd. It lacks standard features of standard e-bay listings such as "terms of sale" and "payment'delivery options". I've listed items on e-bay and it is impossible to list an item without the paypal option.

3. I could not find this listing on a standard e-bay search, it is only available with a direct off-site link.

I hope law enforcement, local or federal engages this guy in a reverse-sting type operation. It seems to me he is a criminal who intends to use violence to rob someone of $4600.

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