Youngsters Burn Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder to the Ground

We knew that Lamborghini's Gallardo Spyder is one heck of a scorching hot model, but this is ridiculous... Humor aside, this unfortunate incident took place at a parking lot in the city of Sint-Truiden in Belgium when a couple of youngsters, for no apparent reason, began destroying whatever car they could get their hands on. For the drop-top Gallardo, the "dynamic-duo" chose the "flambé" method, burning the Italian sportscar to the ground. What can we say; we live in crazy world...

Source: Autogespot


Sergio said... »February 04, 2009

Burn them!!!

Anonymous said... »February 04, 2009

How old were the vandals?

GG said... »February 04, 2009

Burn it ALL down

Anonymous said... »February 04, 2009

that fuckin bull shit is fake

Anonymous said... »February 04, 2009

Stupid :/

Sebastian said... »February 05, 2009

To się nazywają debile!

Chevy trucks said... »February 05, 2009

now it has become really very HOT ... Burning HOT

and yea we live in real crazy world ... Burned Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder can be done by real crazy people .... lol

Everyday360 said... »February 16, 2009

that is insane

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

dumb ass people burn down nice cars

Anonymous said... »November 19, 2010

What the hell? Who did this must be smoken some serious crack! I hope they burned as well........................
But worse.

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