Brilliance BS4: Not so Brilliant in ADAC Crash Tests, receives Zero Stars

ADAC, Germany's and Europe's largest automobile club - something like the AAA in the USA- has released the latest crash test results for the Brilliance BS4 sedan and the outcome for BMW's Chinese partner is far from good. In fact, in the new crash test procedure that was performed under Euro NCAP's stricter rating scheme that takes into consideration safety systems such as electronic stability control (ESC) and seat belt reminders, the BS4 received a zero star rating. ADAC notes however that in the previous rating system, the BS4 would have been awarded with three stars.

Still, ADAC's final report on the BS4 is that the compact sedan is "far away from the current safety standards" and that it poses several hazards to the driver's well being in the event of a crash noting for example that the steering wheel airbag is positioned incorrectly and that the clutch and brake pedals compromised protection for the driver's feet.

HSO Motors Europe, the official importer of the Brilliance brand in Europe questions ADAC's results saying that the German automobile club's counterparts in other European countries such as ÖAMTC in Austria and the Swiss and Dutch motor clubs, which co-funded the test, "unanimously evaluated the crash test by awarding three stars." The company's European importer also states that even though ADAC's test was based on the Euro NCAP rules, "it was not requested by the official Euro NCAP organization in Brussels".

And that brings us to our question; really, why hasn't Euro NCAP performed any tests on the Chinese automaker's European-market models?

HSO Motors Europe, Brilliance Importer - Official Statement on ADAC's Crash Test Results

Dear Colleague, You definitely already know that the ADAC has subjected our new BS4 series to a crash test in compliance with Euro NCAP. The results: three stars based on the old measurement method but zero stars according to the new procedure. The remarkable thing is that ADAC's counterparts in other countries, including the ÖAMTC in Austria and the Swiss and Dutch motor clubs, which co-funded the test, unanimously evaluated the crash test by awarding three stars. Only the ADAC has shocked the public with its bad news. The ADAC is misleading the press, policymakers and consumers by eliminating all of the stars and equating its zero-star rating with zero safety. The other participating motor clubs have provided much more transparent information.

In an initial statement, Focus-online has summed up this matter as follows: "The zero-star rating leads clueless buyers to believe that the BS4 is a totally unsafe car — which it is quite definitely not. Its crash test results may not be brilliant, but they are sound."

Why is this evaluation so inconsistent with that of the other European motor clubs which co-funded the test? Why has only the German motor club released a different result, despite having presumably coordinated the testing and evaluation procedures with the other clubs? How much importance can be attached to a test whose outcome must have already been clear to the ADAC in advance, considering how our cars are equipped?

And how much confidence can European consumers place in a test if its results are interpreted so differently?

It is hard to shake off the impression that a card with political dimensions is being played here — and not just in the German market. Also undeniable is that, although the test was based on the Euro NCAP rules, it was not requested by the official Euro NCAP organization in Brussels.

HSO Motors Europe, the general importer of the Brilliance brand in Europe, will now thoroughly check and assess the results together with the manufacturer, Brilliance Auto Shenyang. We are proud of being able to say to our customers, our dealers, our business partners and everyone else that Brilliance has, quite objectively assessed, made significant progress and will continue to follow this path.


Anonymous said... »March 27, 2009

oh, so BS is literally short for Bull Shit?

Anonymous said... »March 29, 2009

German also built a bunch of shitty cars and sold them to americans as "German Engineering".

BS4 is Much Better than VW Passat MK5 in Euro NCAP.
VW Passat MK5 only got 19 points. Passat MK5 looks like a coke can.

AvgasStew said... »March 30, 2009

All very funny when they find out that VW, BMW, Buick, Audi and Brilliance are all made the same, in the same area of Shanghai Motor Group......

Anonymous said... »March 31, 2009

so BS4 = Bull Shit #4?, every car is dangerous when driven in the wrong way! but some of them are better than other....

Jarek said... »April 03, 2009

On the outside, it doesn't actually look bad (the passenger compartment seems to haven't been distorted much)... Still, I wouldn't buy a Chinese car even if the results were much better - both for ethical and quality reasons.

Anonymous said... »April 07, 2009

To correct AvgasStew, the Brilliance BS4 is not built by SAIC (Shanghai Motor Group), it is built by Hua Cheng Motor (also called Brilliance or Jin Bei Motors). However, you are correct, Hua Cheng produces BMW 3 and 5 Series in the same facilities it produces its own cars. Its also important to keep in mind that Brilliance uses many of the same global component suppliers. Their crash results should be average, but they will struggle to be above average because they still lack core engineering capability in structural elements like collapse zones, metal thickness tuning, steering column, pedals design, knee protection, etc. Working from existing platforms gets a car to average, getting to 4 star and above takes years of experiences working with a platform and a having a safety design strategy

Anonymous said... »March 07, 2010

I wouldn't EVER buy cars made by any Chineese Company, Hindu, Korean, French, Spanish, or Italian.

At the present time disregarding the buzz about Toyota gas pedals, I will only consider LEXUS, TOYOTA, or some of the better cars from the top shelf like Bentley, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes 500 +, BMW series 5 + or Toyota Tacoma or Tundra 4 door log bed.

In my opinion one of the best brand of mass produced cars definitively is Lexus.
Safe, trouble free, easy to maintain and really reliable.

Even cars like Volvo, Saab lost lately on their safety evaluation.
Jaguar all it has is a name and lousy reliabiity.

I rather buy a large American car, which has its weight, than some tin can manufactured by some European companies!

Safety is more important tome than the price or the look of the car.

My life or life of my beloved one is priceless!

It s NO fan to loose one in car accident, or take care of crippled because the car was made like a nice and unsafe piece of shit!

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