Geely to show updated GT Concept in Shanghai, Production Version may follow shortly

One of the most talked about concept cars at last year's Beijing motorshow, the Geely GT (where GT stands for "Geely Tiger") is making a comeback at next month's Shanghai auto salon. The Chinese automaker said in a statement that the positive reviews from the American press have "forced" the company to seriously consider building a production version of the coupe and for this reason, they have updated the concept by adding an interior and Lamborghini-style scissor doors as well as solving around 90 percent of the engineering problems - whatever that means.


Vic said... »March 30, 2009

How come the wheels look so small? The GT tries to resemble some European super car but it really looks awkward to be on something like a 17" or 18" rims. Anyone feels the same?

Anonymous said... »March 30, 2009

Something's wrong with the proportions... The cabin is too high and the wheels too small. I liked the original one better.

Anonymous said... »March 30, 2009

Wheels? Thats the only awkward thing you see? LOL! This thing is hideous! The front end, looks like it was something else, parked over a fire, and melted, or its wearing a gas mask? Should just call it the UGeely!!

Anonymous said... »March 30, 2009

Agree it's hideous : rear is almost ok, interior looks like an Opel iInsigna... Face looks like some sort of Daihatsu

Anonymous said... »March 31, 2009

OMFG!!!! the concept was much nicer and even it was kind of ugly. this....... this takes ugly to new levels.

Anonymous said... »March 31, 2009

The wheels look small mainly due to the tires. ITS JUST THE RIMS YOU SEE!

It actually looks nice to me...its okay.It's definitely not designed as to the North American market. It's Chinese okay? They just started to appeal to the North Americans. Geez. Calm down people.

Anonymous said... »March 31, 2009

The interior looks like the new Ford Fiesta interior!

Anonymous said... »March 31, 2009

Meant for Chinese market? So a Ferrari, or Lamborghini, isn't universal beauty? Ugly is ugly wherever it is. If you are saying its only to be attractive to the Chinese, are you saying the Chinese market has horrible taste? Aren't they trying to export chinese cars to foreign markets?

Anonymous said... »April 07, 2009

The car does not look right because the first car in Beijing was built by a prototype car company assembled from hand built prototype parts and this one is likely based on something that could go to production. Geely does not have any advanced chassis capability so they are likely basing if off of one of their current suzuki or mitsubishi copied platforms. What you end up with is essentially the shell of a sports car sitting on a corolla frame. This is what makes the vehcile stance look strange, the width and height proportions are that of a Suzuki liana. The steering arm and suspension structure likely will not allow for better looking wheels because wider or stronger standing wheels just wouldn't fit and still be able to turn

Anonymous said... »September 07, 2009

It looks good to me, I just want something fast and look special than others. what's the point of driving the same thing everyone else drives. I'll look forward to it.

Anonymous said... »October 28, 2009

It appears to have the lines of a predatory insect....praying mantis comes to mind from a front view. It is definitively different. I do believe it could grow on the general American populace. Just think, 25 years ago most Americans would NOT buy a boxy looking vehicle, unless it was German. Almost every sedan on the road today has very European lines to it, nothing sleek and sexy.
Now you have the Element, Scion and many other toasters on wheels. Time for some new blood in design. I think it is sexy, sleek and appealing, may need some minor adjustment, but please get something new and exciting for body lines for a change!!!!

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