Honda Accord SR-9 Study Unveiled in Shanghai, Looks Better than Acura TSX

One of the new models at the Shanghai Auto Show that managed to momentarily escape our attention is the Honda Accord SR-9 concept study that was designed in cooperation with the firm's Chinese joint venture, Guangzhou Honda. Compared to the European-spec Accord and the North American market Acura TSX (they are the same cars), the Accord SR-9 features a newly designed front bumper with concave surfaces and a restyled grille with honeycomb inserts.

The show car also featured a set of side skirts and beefier seven-spoke alloy wheels. Even though the styling mods are minimal, the tweaked fascia would be a welcome change for both the European-market Accord and the Acura TSX.


UMDNJay said... »April 22, 2009

the european accord has always been the us version acura tsx (not tl). you sure you got this story right? it looks exactly like a tsx without the chunk of chrome in the grill and acura signage.

John said... »April 22, 2009

UMDNJay - My (hasty) mistake. The NA version of the Accord is of course the TSX and not the TL. Thanks for the heads up

Anonymous said... »April 22, 2009

The bumper and skirt package are already available as upgrades on the TSX (not the flashy fog lights.

Jean said... »April 23, 2009

Still one of the most unelegant car on the street.

Anonymous said... »May 01, 2009

Good one Jean! Hey, who else thinks that Acura looks like crap?

Matt said... »May 07, 2009

When you see it on the street it looks totally different! It can easily compete with Audi and BMW!

Honda Tamworth said... »May 08, 2009

I really like the front bumper design difference. Also the honeycomb inserts look great.

The seven-spoke alloy wheels look good but I think 5-spokes look better.

thetruestatewearein said... »May 17, 2009

It's from Dongfeng Honda (a JV in China that produces Civic and CR-V), not from Guangzhou Honda, which interestingly produces Odyssey, Accord, Fit and City (a sedan version of Fit with 1.5L engine). See Honda press release:

It's also said to be available in the second half of 2009. Therefore, it seems Honda is hedging its bets on three offerings: Accord (Guangzhou Honda), SR-9 (may be renamed at launch, from Dongfeng Honda) and Acura TL (from Honda U.S. plant), and create some direct competition between Guangzhou Honda and Dongfeng Honda.

Anonymous said... »September 23, 2009

I like this car.
I like how it looks.

I also like how the TSX looks.
Keep the TSX as is.
Fix the other Acuras.

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