MG6 Turbo: First Photos of China-Made MG Rover Liftback

At the center of MG's stage at next week's Shanghai Auto Show will be the all-new MG6 Turbo. The midsize five-door liftback is based on the platform and the mechanics of sister company Roewe's 550 sedan which in turn uses the underpinnings of the Rover 75 that was developed back in the late 1990's when the MG Rover Group belonged to BMW. The MG6 is powered by an upgraded version of Rover's K-series 1.8-liter turbocharged engine.

Speculation has it that the MG brand, which now belongs to China's SAIC Group along with Roewe, plans to sell the MG6 initially in the UK as early as 2010, and if all goes well, to the rest of Europe.

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Anonymous said... »April 18, 2009

the car looks beautiful but can not imagine how it is owing one....,Rover 75 platform that was developed back in the late 1990's,k-series engine marinaded in China..oh my god!!

Anonymous said... »April 18, 2009

Yes, China, don't forget, likely to have lead paint finish, toxic interior materials, and crumple like paper in a wreck. Great car if you like living on the edge.

Anonymous said... »April 18, 2009

I hope they (as in SAIC Group) treat this brand with the respect it deserves and builds a quality product. I curently have a 75 MGB and love it. If they can't do this let the MG brand die with some respect.

Anonymous said... »April 18, 2009

@ Anonymous #2. WILL YOU STOP BEING RACIST! GOD! Are you an American car fanboy or what. Geez. Have respect for other people. Oh plus, If you got something bad to say, don't. There's no use.

Anonymous said... »April 18, 2009

@anonymous 4: sometimes its hard to face the reality.

Neil said... »April 20, 2009

I don't think he (or she) is being racist - if you watch the news you'll realize they're just stating facts I'm afraid.

Anonymous said... »April 29, 2009

The car was mainly developed in the times of mgrover. If it makes use of the rover 75-platform (and i read it does), it should manage the ncap-crashtests better than a BMW 5-series. For the European market the car might be build in Longbridge/GB. The weakest point seems to be, if the Chinese can ensure a reliable service-system.

Anonymous said... »December 28, 2009

This desing surprised me it think it is not nice the older form is niceier

Anonymous said... »January 27, 2010

I've just sat in one of these in a shopping mall in Nanjing.
It looks and feels very nice inside and out.
As for treating the MG marque with respect, they appear to be doing so in their marketing. The large billboards around the city proudly say 'Morris Garages, since 1924' and 'UK Design'. Various previous custodians of the MG badge haven't taken it so seriously.
As for the quality and reliability, we'll see but I suspect that many people will rapidly alter their perception of Chinese engineering know-how.

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