Saab Fashionista Concept: Design Proposal for a Volt-Based Hybrid Coupe

More often than not, we think that the American automobile industry may have been in a much better state if only the people who are actually engaged in the creation of cars had a say in the decision making. This conceptual proposal for a Chevrolet Volt-based Saab coupe from Mayeul Walser, a 4th year Car Design student in Creapole-Esdi, is a good example. You may or may not like the design, but the idea of an aggressively styled hybrid Saab coupe is more than engaging.

Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop According to Mayeul's description, the concept behind the Saab Fashionista's design was to create a luxurious four-seater coupe that blends the futuristic feel of sci-fi movies with the elegance of products from renowned fashion houses such as Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

The 24-year-old design student also claims that while based on the platform of the Volt, he designed the Fashionista to be equipped with a hybrid powertrain coupling a V6 gasoline engine to an electric motor for a (purely theoretical) output of around 300HP.

If it was our choice, we would have opted for a more powerful version of the Volt's plug-in hybrid powertrain to make the project more feasible, but then again, since this is only a pipe-dream concept, why not go for a V6.

Carscoop thanks Mayeul Walser for the high-res photos

Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop
Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop
Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop
Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop
Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop
Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop
Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop
Saab Fashionista Project - Carscoop


Anonymous said... »April 29, 2009

Bye bye SAAB. You lead for a while with style and panache but now you are so far out of touch you think that this might actually sell.

Anonymous said... »April 29, 2009 it again dude!
It is a student concept, it is completely a design exersize for a class.totally has nothing to do with GM at all.
Get with it, enough GM bashing already.

voyager said... »April 29, 2009

This one makes far more sense:

Anonymous said... »April 29, 2009

No, no, no, this is about as relevant as an all-new Pontiac concept or maybe a shiny new interpretation of the AMC Eagle for the 21st century or a Panhard SUV. Pointless and in completely the past.

Face it - SAAB is as dead as dead.

may.walser said... »April 29, 2009

Hi everybody, I'm Mayeul Walser, the author od this design. thanks for your comments, I know this project do not arrive in a perfect timing with the GM situation, actually like it written in the text, I'm a 4th year design student at Creapole-ESDI, this was one of my degree project (with an interior design proposal for Toyota and also a restyling of a Buell), anyway, what I mean is, when I frist created this design, the GM's situation wasn't the same than today, by this time the Chevrolet Volt was considered as the future of GM's group ... so if you want to have a look at my latest work, please visit my website :
and also

thanks a lot


Mayeul Walser

lazy penguin said... »April 29, 2009

I love the wheels.

AvgasStew said... »April 30, 2009

actually the powertrain won't matter as it doesn't drive the wheels. just jumps the battery.

Filipe Rodrigues said... »May 04, 2009

SAAB may be dead...
But still, prevents many Deads all over the world...
SAAB is still one of the safest cars in the world.
The design, is great! Congrats

Anonymous said... »May 04, 2009

ummm Saab has about 10 to 12 interested buyers. They aren't going anywhere.

This looks nice but nothing beats the Aero-X concept they made a few years ago!

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