Yema SQJ6451: Seriously, it's not a Subaru Forester...

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You probably think that we're pulling your leg, but the vehicle pictured above is not a second-generation Subaru Forester, it's actually Yema Auto's all-new SQJ6451 CUV.

The awkwardly named five-door cloneover crossover will make a cameo appearance at this month's Shanghai Auto Show with sales scheduled to begin in China in May with a base price of around 60,000 Yuan or about $8,800 or €6,500 with the current exchange rates.

Sorry to say, Yema Auto's... genetic engineers did not have enough time to develop a turbocharged boxer engine so Chinese buyers of the SQJ6451 (they could have at least come up with a nicer name like Gardener) will have to do with two four-cylinder units with a displacement of 1.5 and 1.7-liters producing 97 and 130 horsepower respectively.

Via: Le Blog Auto & Auto Sina , Source: Yema