2010 Rolls Royce Ghost: Production Model Spied on the Road

The most talked about Rolls Royce model of the past couple of years, the freshly baptized Ghost, was spotted by an online user at the Calais - Dover crossing waiting for the ferry. The production ready Rolls Royce Ghost was virtually camouflage free as only the hidden / tapped parts were the grille and the RR badge on the boot. On the outside, with the exception of the production-like headlight assembly, the absence of visible tail pipes at the rear and the different alloy wheels, we didn't find any other changes over the 200EX concept car shown at the Geneva Show in March.

Rolls Royce Ghost - CarscoopThe amateur spy photographer also snapped a quick shot of the Ghost's interior. From what we are able to make out from the picture, there are only a couple of notable differences between the two cars such as the matte plastic trim on the steering wheel (instead of the 200EX's glossy chrome trim) and the dark surrounding of the instrument panel.

Often called the 'baby' Rolls Royce, the 5.4 meter (212.6") long Ghost will make its world premiere in production form at this fall's Frankfurt Motor Show and hit showrooms by the end of the year. Under the elongated bonnet there's a new 6.6-liter turbocharged V12 engine that produces an output in excess of 507 horsepower.

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Rolls Royce Ghost - Carscoop
Rolls Royce Ghost - Carscoop
Rolls Royce Ghost - Carscoop
Rolls Royce Ghost - Carscoop


Aaron X said... »May 17, 2009

I like the color, but it's not a very attractive car, from behind it reminds me of that orange Skoda. :-)

Anonymous said... »May 17, 2009

what an ugly rear-view mirros !

Sergejs said... »May 17, 2009

just as expected - this baby has serious design problems.
If the studio photos of a bold concept car were not impressive, the real life photos confirm that it is just not good enough. It badly lacks character and sharpness. Those headlighs would be ok in 1999, but here they look childish and too soft. For some reason it even reminds me of this:

God save this baby from better designed Chinese ripoffs.

Anonymous said... »May 17, 2009

oh god... they destroyed a car.... plain awful!

Alekso said... »May 17, 2009

Obviously this is not the complete production version. The rims are not Rolls Royce rims, the Chrome grill and the logo is missing and other things, So you can't judge the car just by these pictures.
Besides I think this colour doesn't suit a Rolls-Royce at all.

Tony said... »May 17, 2009

Those mirrors look like they came from a pick-up truck. Even the Phantom's ones look bad. They should've used a classic design and chrome. And a Rolls should really have a proper grille, not inset louvres.

Anonymous said... »May 17, 2009

wow! i hate to have to agree with most of these comments: 1. the side mirrors are horrendous, huge, and must block the view 2. the shouldve been chromed 3. the grille is a mockery, a cartoonish symbol of a RR grille. i sort of agree it should be modernized but it looks hasted, underdeveloped, not thought thoroughly and throughout 4. the whole car is characterless. nothing about its exteriors says RR. Hyundai may have better looking cars... Suicide doors and RR badges do not a Rolls Royce make. Royce must be spinning in his grave non-stop: not only is his company own by his rivals the Germans, but by BMW no less, and they do this to this ultra-iconic marque?


Anonymous said... »May 18, 2009

Dumbo ears door mirrors...

TopCarUK said... »May 20, 2009

i Dont think anyone understands that its the first 1 obviously it will be changed for production such as chromed grill better RR wheels and emblem.

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