Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400 with 403HP Officially Revealed: 0-62mph in just 3.8 Sec!

The fastest and most powerful production version of the Lancer Evolution X to date, the FQ-400, has been officially introduced by Mitsubishi's British arm. Set to on sale in the UK in June, the new FQ-400 comes with a retuned 2.0-liter turbocharged engine producing 403bhp at 6,500 rpm and 525Nm or 387lb/ft of torque at 3,500 rpm sending the sports sedan from standstill to 62mph (100km/h) in a mere 3.8 seconds before reaching an electronically limited top speed of 155mph or 250km/h.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  CarscoopThe power increase from the standard 2.0-liter turbocharged MIVEC engine's 293bhp was achieved through a series of upgrades that include among other things, high-flow fuel injectors, a new turbocharger featuring low-friction bearings, a high temperature turbine and strengthened thrust, an enhanced intercooler, a new exhaust system and the remapping of the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

To ensure that all that power finds its way on the road, Mitsubishi tweaked the EVO X's chassis. Changes include a wider track and lowered suspension featuring Eibach springs and Bilstein shock absorbers plus new lightweight 18-inch, nine spoke alloy wheels fitted with Toyo Proxes R1R tires. Furthermore, the FQ-400 is equipped with a revised braking system that uses aerospace grade aluminum alloys and floating sealed discs grabbed by high performance pads.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  CarscoopThe standard EVO X's advanced Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) four-wheel-drive system with Active Stability Control and Active Centre Differential, Active Yaw Control and Sport ABS, remains of course unchanged.

The mechanical upgrades are accompanied by a more aggressive styling kit that comprises of a heavily vented bonnet, a new lightweight composite front bumper featuring carbon-fibre elements on its leading edges, a rear wing incorporating a gurney strip and a roof-mounted 'Vortex Generator', composite side skirts, a re-styled rear bumper with a carbon fibre diffuser plus additional lighting and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  CarscoopInside, aside from the Recaro bucket sports seats, the range-topping Lancer Evolution X also gains an FQ-400 liveried handbrake handle and carbon fibre gearknob..

The Lancer Evolution FQ-400's price has been set in the UK at £49,999 ($79,400 US or €57,100) with the sport sedan's standard equipment including Bluetooth hands-free telephone connection, a CD-tuner with 30 Gig hard drive, DVD satellite navigation and privacy glass plus remote central locking, automatic headlamps and windscreen wipers. We're pretty sure that those interested in the FQ-400 wouldn't have mind at all if Mitsubishi removed most of these convenient features thus lowering the car's price and most importantly, shaving a few pounds off the FQ-400's weight.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  Carscoop
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  Carscoop
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  Carscoop
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  Carscoop
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  Carscoop
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X FQ-400  -  Carscoop


wender said... »May 26, 2009

$80k? for a Mitsubishi? I love the Evo and think that it's one of the best bang-for-the-buck cars around but $80 grand for one? I think in addition to 3.8secs to 60 it would have to have wings and fly. Here's an idea, instead of creating this, why not stick this power train in the Eclipse and give us back the GSX-T?

Anonymous said... »May 26, 2009

damn expensive for an evo...
why dont you just buy a second hand car then tune it up and customize it? wouldnt it be unique at the same time more powerful less the cost or you could buy a porsche with that kind of money or a mercedes benz c class or something else this is just my opinion...

Anonymous said... »May 26, 2009

way too EXPANSIVE!!! BOYCOTT Mitsubishi...
Don't let the Japanese cheat on US.

Support the European CAR!!!

Anonymous said... »May 26, 2009

That's not entirely correct. If the car reaches the United States, which is a big if in and of itself, it would be worth around 50-60k. In the UK, taxes etc, make cars more expensive on average than cars in the US, given similar conditions. It would not, thus, cost $80,000 for this car if it is sold in the US

lazy penguin said... »May 26, 2009

Wender, it has performance similar to the Nissan GT-R, which is also $80,000.

wender said... »May 27, 2009

Penguin, I realize that but if you had the money, would you get an exotic $80k car, or an Evo that you can also get for (starting at) $32k and looks nearly identical? That was my point.

Anonymous said... »May 28, 2009

The FQ 400 would cost around 50-60k as said before. Here in the U.S., especially California, police harass Import cars like nothing. Having a stock car with no hassle that does that performance is something I would not mind having living in California. You pay to play.

Anonymous said... »May 28, 2009

I bet its got MASSIVE turbo lag like the last 400 brake Evo had.

Anonymous said... »May 29, 2009

wender> Right, if you just want a "look", yes 30k is more than enough. Else if perf matters... you'll have to get the 80k out of the pocket for the Evo or GTR.

Mike said... »May 31, 2009

Get you a new Evo X then get the Agency Power GT35R Twin Scroll Turbo Kit for $5450.
510 horsepower on 91 octane at 20psi of boost and 600 horsepower on C16 race gas with stock internals. The C16 race gas map at 30psi of boost held a perfect air fuel reading. With further custom tuning, the addition of larger camshafts, and stronger head studs, this turbo kit will produce an easy 650-700 horsepower.
So for under $45k we can make ours faster haha....
They are charging about 40k for labor?

Mike said... »May 31, 2009

Get you a new Evo X then get the Agency Power GT35R Twin Scroll Turbo Kit for $5450. 510 horsepower on 91 octane at 20psi of boost and 600 horsepower on C16 race gas with stock internals.

lazy penguin said... »May 31, 2009

Mike, you would have to also add a wider track, new wheels and tires, new brakes, and a new body that increases the downforce. So you are probably looking at around $50k-55k.

Anonymous said... »May 31, 2009

It wont sell...

Anonymous said... »June 01, 2009

Y did u F***ers change the shape ov it..the back looks like me bum...Course it wont sell...

Steve said... »June 03, 2009

reminds me of the Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition somehow

Anonymous said... »June 06, 2009

U want speed... Get a ferrari. U want traction, good handling... BMW.

Or... Do what I do and just fly.

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2009

there are two thinga wrong with this car dont get me wrong... mitsibishi is the best... bu tis car is pricesd to high... and you are only getting the car a settle top speed of 155 mph... to slow for me hell the EVO X EVO MR goes faster then that 180 mph maybe if the price was $ 45,000 and the put the speed at the highest, then i would buy it

Anonymous said... »June 15, 2009

Just let me know when it's coming to usa it's not going to cost more then 40 grand mitsubisi is not thar stupid

Anonymous said... »June 23, 2009

This site is stupid for saying it'll be 80k

Anonymous said... »August 18, 2009

it wont be 80k taxes in the UK are higher if it comes to the states it would be around 40K, and honestly this car its a monster 408 horsepowers for a 4 cylinder car unseen, i would def buy it if it comes to the states which is unlikely, but lets hope for the best.

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

South Africa Needs a sexy ride like this... well done Mitsubishi! As for the price, lets wait and see... I trust they will make it right.

Anonymous said... »September 04, 2009

I think mitsu should just make the evo with a mixture of the regular X and the FQ-360.......and sell it for the same price as the X's not like they have to create all new parts. they have them in stock and that way it will be the best car to buy. When talking about stock and right off the lot fast, no STi wiil be a competitor.

Anonymous said... »October 03, 2009

I think if you were to buy a reg mr and put the extra money into it, you would be able to do alot more than what these people did with it

Anonymous said... »October 16, 2009

lol,buy a seconde hand evo for 20k(i seen a couple)and just tuned it the fuck up and you can have 400hp for less than 80k....

Anonymous said... »October 20, 2009

this car is the shit i plan on coppin one soon as i can and on top of that spending more bread to customize it yea if u dont have the money for it thats a prob but of u do 100 k isnt that big a deal is it

Anonymous said... »November 28, 2009

i screwed
on my country i think that car will cost around 100k
the normal evo cost 70k in my country and is not the fq-360
i am just unlucky

Anonymous said... »January 24, 2010

I got my Evo X for just under 32 and love it. It's pushin 360bhp right now and will be over 380 by the end of summer. I'm catchin up and still way under the FQ budget (european or american). Just get an X, upgrade, and do your own labor

Anonymous said... »April 13, 2010

its cost a bomb here im malaysia...with 300% tax

Anonymous said... »April 18, 2010

I love how everyone is so shocked at the price tag.
Do any of you remember the 30r-se they made in the early 90s?

Though not as powerful as this car the features put the fq400 to shame.....and this was 20 years ago.

I think most of us forget how innovative mitsubishi can be. They dont show it much anymore but they invented and pioneered quite a few things

Anonymous said... »May 06, 2010

I Have just received my Evo Fq 400, i have got number 19 out of 21 made to date, there is no turbo lag, power is there from 1000rpm, at 2500rpm i have about 300hp! i dont think any car costing this amount can get close to the track speed its just so fast!!
Anyones welcoemt o see pics if you want?

Anonymous said... »September 09, 2010

i own an evo x and would love the fq400 but if i was goona fork out 80k i would buy the gtr :P

Anonymous said... »September 12, 2010

I own an EVO X... and I would NEVER consider the fq400 evo x... Simply, cause my evo X is FASTER!. I have stage 2 cams, 1000cc injectors,Full turbobackexhaust w/Test Pipe, Injen air intake with Ams Intercooler/ FP red turbo/ Im at 455 hp and 412 lbs ft of torque.=)
FASTER THAN the stock Evo X FQ400... Just buythe Evo X-GSR and with basic mods you can make it FASTER than THe FQ400...

lungani said... »August 17, 2011

mitsubishi made the car of my dreams i love it.

lungani said... »August 22, 2011

shame poor you ,it affordable here in south africa

LUNGANI,S.A said... »August 24, 2011


Martin Lombaard said... »October 13, 2011

You are one extremely lucky dude! All these people saying you should buy the cheaper one and upgrade have sour grapes because they can't afford the FQ-400. In anycase they will loose all those spent $$ if they were to sell while you will get a lot more for your ride and everybody will know you have the "Big boy" Evo.

Safe driving dude :)

Anonymous said... »June 14, 2012

That was probably the fastest EVO on the road!

THE Roen said... »December 21, 2012

Do you have 3 years of warranty with that power?

THE Roen said... »December 21, 2012

And if something goes wrong, prepare to pay the repair bill yourself.

THE Roen said... »December 21, 2012

But do you get factory support too?

THE Roen said... »December 21, 2012

Top speed is electronically can go a lot faster.

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