Rare Video of 1968 Ferrari 512 Modulo Concept on the Road

It's not often that we get the chance to see driving footage of a rare concept car like the 1968 Ferrari 512 Modulo that was created by Italian designer Paolo Martin who was then working for Pininfarina. Unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, Martin's futuristic Ferrari 512 Modulo was built on the chassis of the Ferrari 512 S racer featuring a 550HP V12 engine that could be seen through 24 large holes in the rear compartment. One of the most prominent features of the Modulo was its canopy style sliding roof that moved forward along with the windshield.

Thanks for the tip Alex!


Anonymous said... »May 14, 2009

meh...nice piece of design history, nothing more.

Sergejs said... »May 14, 2009

A proper oldskool futurism :) if you think about it Countach could be very much inspired by this.

Thank you for the link to the video, if the concept is nice, the video is amazing - this is where you see the beauty of silence and chillout a coupe of the future can bring. Leave the roaring oil drinking heat cattles to history - silent performance is the future.

eb110americana said... »May 14, 2009

There's a reason it was filmed in this fashion. The kind of back country, canyon carving drive that would be implied by less tranquil music and speed is not possible in the Modulo. It's a great piece of design history and sculpture, there can be no doubt of that--but it can't turn!

Anonymous said... »May 15, 2009

wonderful find! great to see this. One question though: does it go any slower?

Seriously, if you find any others of this or other cars, tht would be fantastic,

It wouldve been nice to have seen the Modulo's 550 bhp performance, its interior, operation of its canopy, and other quirks.

Thank you


Anonymous said... »May 15, 2009

i would say one of the best pininfarina's designs

Anonymous said... »May 15, 2009

so sleep inducing

Anonymous said... »May 15, 2009

And they did not even film how the door opens! What a rubbish video!

Anonymous said... »May 18, 2009

^^ If you can't even appreciate the car for what it is then you shouldnt be watching.

Cars Specs said... »August 15, 2009

It's a fast car

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