Chatenet CH26: Weird MINI - Alfa Romeo Like Micro Car from France

The first thought that leaped into mind upon seeing the CH26 was something like - "oh, another MINI - Alfa Romeo Mito potpourri baked in China". We could be wrong, but from what we gather, China has nothing to do with the tiny city car that is the work of a French company called Chatenet. Measuring just over 3 meters (3,065mm to be precise), the CH26 is 370mm or about 4-inches longer than the second generation Smart Fortwo.

Chatenet CH26 MINI - CARSCOOPWe're not sure if it's a typo or not, but the French company says on its 'Spartan' website that the two-seater micro car is powered by a 523cc two-cylinder diesel engine that 'spits out' a mere 5.4 horsepower at 3,200 rpm. The CH26 is said to weigh in at 349kg or 769 pounds and according to Chatenet, it can reach a top speed of 45km/h or 28 mph with an average fuel consumption of 3.15 lt/100km or 75mpg US allowing to travel around 500 km (310 miles) on a single tank of fuel.

Chatenet did not release prices on its website, but from a quick search that we performed on the net we found new examples of the CH26 being offered for sale in France at the ridiculous price of €13,600 that comes to around $19,000 at the current exchange rates.

Via: Motorpassion , Source: Chatenet



Anonymous said... »June 13, 2009


Anonymous said... »June 13, 2009

You can precise that you don't need any driving licence for this piece of crap. Everyone in france laugh after these cars.

Anonymous said... »June 13, 2009

Yes! Yes!

This appears to be well executed "for this piece of crap".

Nice looking, primarily due to simple detailing ... Nice dash... convenient, rear loading cargo area.

Can't recall any four wheeler that gets 75 MPG.

The price is a little stiff, but it should certainly find buyers, especially in Europe with the high fuel costs there. Here in the US The costs are rising again (Manipulation!) and eventually will get very high indeed.

Get used to it! We are going to see all kinds of vehicles that are designed to address high fuel cost, intensifying urban vehicle density and global pollution.

I welcome this diminutive addition. I actually prefer it to the 'Smart', though at a max speed of 28 MPH and no real trip potential it would better serve it's purpose as an electric car for the city and short suburban commutes.

A Knesal .... Portland Oregon

weeev said... »June 14, 2009

we've got some brand in france which produce what we call "voitures sans permis". This one is a Chatenet, Ligier is one other.

These cars are slow, overpriced, not well made...

They can't go in highways, they are dangerous in 66mph's roads.

75mpg, yes, but long long long miles ! In europe we have the vw polo blue motion, with 60mpg. A real car, with a real engine.

Actually, "voiture sans permis" buyers are :
- very old people
- alcoholic
- recidivists in road infraction (not sure how to say that)

they have it because they can't have driving licence. If they get one back, they buy a car.

Anonymous said... »June 15, 2009

yes maybe ! but these small cars have made significant progress over the years and they look great. i saw this one in a fair and it's really cute! a lot of teens now drive these since parents prefer that to a moped or a scooter, safer i suppose!!! if it were not for the price...

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2009

they should use this chance to make it an all electric car

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2009

"- alcoholic
- recidivists in road infraction (not sure how to say that)

they have it because they can't have driving licence."

We have that here (Habitual offenders/USA), but they drive illegally and drunk anyway, usually in over powered two ton pickups/trucks.
Welcome to Wyoming

A Knesal .... Portland Oregon

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2009

its a disgrace that they even tried to make that car look like a mini. what an insult!

Peter said... »July 29, 2009

Bullshit that 45 KM/H drivers are alcoholic, very old or recidivists in road infraction .....

I am 53, I dont drink alcohol and I am for sure not a recidivist in road infraction!!
My reasons to buy and drive a 45 KM/H car:

* In our country you can not drive often faster as 60 - 70 KM/H
* Driving is cheap, 3 euro per 100 KM
* No roadtax
* A 45 KM/H car is friendly for mother nature
* Parking in a city is easy, my car is 2,67 meter and has a turncircle of only 4,50 meter.
* 45 KM/H cars keep their price, if you buy a 2nd hand one from 2001 you pay still 4500 euro but if you sell it after 4 years than an interested buyer pays still 4000 euro, so it is a good investment
* It saves abot 1000 euro per year at penalties for driving too fast ;)

Talking about alcohol misusing before or during driving....2 percent of ppl that have a driverslicence are alcoholic but for 45 KM/H that percentuage is only 0,4 percent alcoholic.

About "old ppl" my country more and more youngsters and middle aged ppl like me are driving those 45 KM/H cars coz it is safer as a moped, no need for a helmet and you stay dry during rainy and cold days.
Plus, this is also important, our country has more and more singles, so there is no use to buy a family car.

About "recidivists in road infraction" my country even for a 45 KM/H car an AM driverslicence is required to drive those microcars and if you loose your normal driverslicence it is forbidden to drive any motorized vehicle, even not a moped during the period you lose your normal driverslicence.

It is funny to tell but in my country they have even some special speed rules for 45 KM/H cardrivers:
A 5 KM over speed limit is 15 euro
B 10KM over speed limit is 30 euro
C 15KM over speed limit is 50 euro
D 20- or more KM over speed limit is losing your AM driverswlicence till court decides you get your driverslicence back.

But....if you drive on a 70 KM/H road than our police advices 45 KM/H car drivers to increase speed up to 60 KM/

Greets from the country of cheese, tulips and marihuana;)

Anonymous said... »January 08, 2011

i live in France for 2 years and i've never seen any1 driving this microcars older then 17 year olds, u can drive it from 16 but u have to take special test to drive it.

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