VIDEO: Citroen GT Supercar Live from the Streets of London

What was originally designed by Takumi Yamamoto as a fantasy supercar for the digital world of the Gran Turismo racing game has not only turned into a real life concept car, but odds are that it will make it into a limited series production. Recently, Citroen gave Londoners the chance to see the GT supercar on the road ahead of its scheduled run at next weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed. We're still not sure what engine could power the production version though word has is that it may be a Ford or a GM derived V8. Follow the jump to watch the video.


Ayo said... »June 30, 2009

it looks fantabulous

Anonymous said... »June 30, 2009

Good golly Miss Molly, this bloody automobile is beautiful!

Anonymous said... »June 30, 2009

Great job by Citroen in building this car, dont normally see concepts get built. I wish more companies would do this, in fact they probably will in the future.

MDX said... »June 30, 2009

It's a dream come true for both gamers and cars lovers.

Thanks to Citroen and Gran Turismo!

Anonymous said... »July 04, 2009

dude want to see this car in action...
top speed?

Anonymous said... »July 10, 2009

holy shit it sounds and looks like a beast

Anonymous said... »August 06, 2009

i have this car GT5P and its increadibly fast. in the game it has a 700hp electrical engine. and i managed to get to 231 mph.

Amiel said... »December 09, 2011

yhe your rite

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