VIDEO: Giga Replica of 1950's Dodge Power Wagon, 64 Times the Original Size!

So what do you do when you have a ton of oil money, plenty of imagination and a passion for anything on four-wheels? Well, for starters, you go and buy any type of car your heart desires. Been their, done that. So what's next? The answer to that question for Seikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan from the United Arab Emirates who is also known as the 'Rainbow Sheikh', due to the fact that he once bought a fleet of Mercedes-Benz in every color of the rainbow, was to build a colossal working replica of a 1950's Dodge Power Wagon.

Created in the mid 1990s, this replica is an astonishing 64 times the original size and weighs in at about 50 tons! It is said to be the largest car/truck in the world. It's so big that it houses four large, air conditioned bedrooms, a living room and bathrooms. In fact it even has a 'terrace' in the pick-up bed! Although it was not designed to hit the road (apparently...) it does come with a 300HP GM diesel engine that helps it move around on its own. The video is from Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld television series that aired on BBC back in the mid 1990s.

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wender said... »June 06, 2009

Red necks in saudi arabia? lol i freaking love this thing.

Anonymous said... »June 06, 2009


Faisal H P said... »June 07, 2009

not saudi arabia...United Arab Emirates... little boat shaped piece of land above saudi. The place they mention Abu dhabi is the capitol.

The rainbow shiekh also has a huuuge collection of normal sized classic cars in a pyramid shaped warehouse. u can see it on google earth

Anonymous said... »June 07, 2009

Don't they have Zoloft in the desert ?

Anonymous said... »December 21, 2009

Shouldn't a truck 64 times as big as the original actually be as long as 64 of the original? Looks like about three or four times as large to me.

Milan Legius (11 yrs) said... »August 05, 2010

No, it's 4 times higher, 4 times wider and 4 times longer.

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