VIDEO: 2010 Nissan GT-R's 7:26.70 Record Lap Time at the Nurburgring

We always enjoy watching cars lapping the Nurburgring's famous Nordschleife circuit but it's even better when you get the chance to see a supercar like the Nissan GT-R. This video, which was shot with an inboard camera, is from the 2010 GT-R's latest record breaking lap time of 7min 26.70 seconds that was achieved on April 23, 2009. The driver behind the steering wheel is Nissan's Chief test driver, Toshio Suzuki.

The Nissan GT-R's previous recorded lap times at the 'Ring' were:

  • 7 minutes 27 seconds 56 on April 15, 2009
  • 7 minutes 29 in April 2008
  • 7 minutes 38 in September 2007


carlos said... »July 08, 2009

The story of laptimes become an bit boring...
I am curios to see the nissan gtr driven from the owners for now i dont find nobody very fast!
Z06 it's an milion better!

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2009

the commenter said its the "09 model" ...

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2009

So how did the transmission and launch control cope with this? I mean it was actually used in a track-like setting so I imagine its warranty is now useless.

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2009

Nissan spelled wrong in the title, fyi.

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2009


Anonymous said... »July 09, 2009

I would love to be in the passenger seat for a spin like that!

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2009

Well done Nissan!

Somehow I doubt TOYOTA could build a car that could beat 7:26.7! ...cos they're crap!
Toyota are good for Hybrids and Zanussi's (iQ) though! Car's that don't cater for the enthusiast!

Anonymous said... »July 10, 2009

GTR HATERS GET LOST!! if you hate the GTR so much, why even bother opening this story? if you're bored then don't read it. if this doesn't mean anything to you, then why bother commenting? i'm sick of this debate over which is better this or the corvette. both are VERY different cars. those two shouldn't even be placed in a sentence together. don't be bias over your opinions. BOTH ARE GREAT CARS OK? ok Carlos?

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2009

I wonder if Sabine could stop the watch sooner than Nissan chief tester...

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2009

Has nobody else noticed that Nissan miss out the entire start/finish line when they time the laps? Check out where the clock stops and starts.

Anonymous said... »September 24, 2009

The Trans. is very good on this car. It does not have any problems, other than the abuse of its clients. im sorry but take a 911 Turbo, rev the RPM up to 5000 the drop the clutch, 5 times in a row... if your tranny is still good after that, then start talking about the GTR

Rafi (nissan salesman)

Anonymous said... »October 11, 2009

you idiots a 911 turbo cost almost double tehprice and gets beat in every category by thegtr,as for the z06 it was a great car in 2006 but the gtr is a far more advanced and better package.

Vel said... »October 07, 2011

i have owned a vast variety of american supercars (corvette 2006 Z06 and the dodge viper 2002)... and that they surely are but the nissan GTR is an incomparable breed when it comes to engineering and performance........This car is truly all about the driver and can make the amateur driver look seasoned behind the wheel unlike the the vette and the viper which is all about the driver.I have owned my GTR for the 2nd season it has it quarkes but overall it runs ice through the veins of vette owners when i pull up to a set of lights, and the car is very deserving to fall in the list with the rest of the supercar legends because theres not much out there that can touch it.

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