2010 Honda CR-V Facelift: First Official Photos, Unveiling on Sep. 17

Turns out that the scoop photo of the refreshed 2010 Honda CR-V that we showed you back in May was the real-deal as this official shot of the facelift model that was published on Honda's Japanese website confirms. According to Honda, the updated CR-V will be revealed on September 17, which also happens to be the first day of the Frankfurt Motor Show - though, we don't know if Honda will actually unveil the SUV in Germany.

It will take a trained eye to notice the extremely subtle cosmetic changes on the 2010 CR-V - at least in what concerns the front end as we don't have any other photos of the model. These include the larger upper grille that now features less chrome trim, the modified lower grille and the reshaped bumper with the new lower part and smaller fog light housings.

We're not aware of any other styling changes or mechanical upgrades, but we gather that Honda will release full details of the European and North American 2010 CR-V along with the JDM model.


2009MY Honda CR-V N. American (left) & Japanese (right) Model


Anonymous said... »August 23, 2009

How about an attractive vehicle for once?

Anonymous said... »August 23, 2009

The new Hyundai Tuscon (it appears) and Chevrolet Equinox have stepped it up... it's time for Honda & Toyota to do the same in their small SUV offerings.

Anonymous said... »August 24, 2009

What about the addition of the mirror lights/turn signals??? Or did you not notice this little upgrade??

John said... »August 24, 2009

Yes we did, but the turning signals are already offered on the JDM '09 CR-V (see the pic)

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2009

You guys do realize it's the best selling SUV in America, right?
As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!

Anonymous said... »August 28, 2009

The anony guy above is going to do well in life.

Adam said... »September 01, 2009

Besides the Mercedes S models looking headlights, I think it a little better looking. Still boring but has a nice face.. I'll still go with something more exciting. This would be perfect for my little sister though.

Adsglobe said... »September 02, 2009

Nice features and I expect this will hit and rule the roads in this segment.

I wish them all sucess

Anonymous said... »September 02, 2009

I also wish them sucess... whatever that means

Anonymous said... »September 07, 2009

I hope that they beef up the roof since it did marginal on the roof strength test conducted by the IIHS. From reading the article from the IIHS website if a vehicle does not maintain a good rating on all four tests the vehicle will not receive a top pick rating.

Anonymous said... »September 12, 2009

anyone know anything about the roof strength. I am hesitating to purchase until I get some ratings...

Anonymous said... »October 03, 2009

Roof strenght is +4.8743.38.

Anonymous said... »November 26, 2009

is it new refreshed or just a new metal strip, cant tell. oh well .. its ugly to be honest and I rather buy a old trail blazer then this..darn honda at least really update this mess before u release it as a refresh model, lol

Anonymous said... »February 04, 2010

Still nasty.

Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010


Anonymous said... »June 09, 2010

I own an 2008 CR-V and basically I find it a crap car all round, Maybe a diesel model with some decent looks... they might be back in the game..ALso the CR v and other honda models dont have a nice feel to them when on the road. Would never buy Honda brand again!!!

Anonymous said... »July 15, 2010

I own a 2003 CR-V sport .. absolutely love it but don't like the new models .. much too car like, the plot has been lost..

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