Mazda Celebrates MX-5's 20th Anniversary with Special Edition Model

The world's most successful open-top sports car with more than 860,000 sales spread over three generation models, the MX-5, also known in other markets as the Miata or simply Roadster, is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and to commemorate the event, Mazda has introduced a special edition version of the car for the Japanese market.

The Roadster 20th Anniversary is available either in RS guise with a traditional soft-top and a six-speed manual transmission or as a VS RHT with a retractable hardtop and a six-speed automatic transmission.

The special edition models come in a Crystal White Pearl Mica finish which is used for the first time on the Mazda Roadster. Special equipment includes unique red and black RECARO bucket sport seats, '20th Anniversary' badges on the fenders, clear front fog lights., 17-inch alloy wheels shod in 205/45R17 84W tyres and a glass rear window for the soft-top model plus heated seats with five temperature settings.

A front strut tower bar and 17-inch alloy wheels shod in 205/45R17 84W tyres complete the changes. Prices in Japan are set at 2,860,000 yen ($29,900 or €21,100) for the soft-top version and 3,110,000 yen ($32,500 or €23,000) for the RHT model.

And for those living outside Japan, no need to worry as Mazda is planning to launch special edition versions of the MX-5 / Miata in other markets as well.


Anonymous said... »August 01, 2009

Tell this car still considered a car for the not-so-strait-man?? A few years back I was considering buying one until a friend dropped that bomb on me and made me reconsider...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2009

I think you're confused, that was the Hummer H1
they were refering to being not so straight.

Jenny said... »August 01, 2009

Your friend subscribes to a very old and out-dated (and might I add ignorant?) belief that the MX-5/Miata is only driven by homosexuals. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't understand the MX-5's original concept comes from some very classic British roadsters which could outmaneuver many bigger cars in their day...

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2009

People that think it's an effeminate type of car have never driven an MX-5 / Miata. They're missing out on a hell of a lot of cheap sports car fun and anyone that thinks that a car has to be big to be masculine has serious insecurity issues, so your friends an insecure idiot.

SamuraiJack said... »August 01, 2009

It's a pity that you listened to your friend. All I had to do was take one test drive and that little red roadster was as good as sold. If you browse through some of the MX-5 forums on the web, you'll find that the guys who drive them are far from hairdressers, and so far I haven't met a single MX-5 driver that could care less what anyone thought of his choice of car.

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2009

(adding to Jenny's comment above) ...not to mention introduce new enthusiasts to the concept of serious driving, by having just the right amount of grip, a superb connection to the driver and the ability to let you skid it without crashing when u're still learning. This is NOT your hairdresser's car.

kopetdag said... »August 01, 2009

I think Toyota Corolla is gay, unless you're a chick that drives it.

Anonymous said... »August 01, 2009

its not about homosexuality...its a gendered car...its a woman car...similar to the likes of the VW beetle, toyota celica...
whoever made the comment about the H1 is an idiot.

Investor said... »August 02, 2009

How is this appealing? They need to put a turbo, or at least increase the horse power and torque.

Sergio said... »August 02, 2009

MX-5 for queers??? come on people, stop being so sexist and get a test drive of this amazing machine!

Anonymous said... »August 02, 2009

Crystal white pearl mica? Red and black Recaros? Huh? How about British racing green and a camel tan interior. Roadsters are about being uncomplicated. You know, classic stuff. Oh well, I guess all of the auto industry is bowing to current trends. Yeah, yeah, I know, Mazda has done that combination as a special edition before. But it works.

Anonymous said... »August 02, 2009

Long time Miata owner.

Could careless what the dummies think about the Miata`

Not enough power? You have never drive one, and you certainly have never driven one in the 90+ percentile of it's performance envelope.

Gay guy or women's car, just shows that they know a hell of lot more about cars then some of the dummies commenting here.

Only in America does the Miata have this stigma attached to it. Most of the rest of the world is far more intelligent and understands and appreciates what the Miata brings to the table.

So keep on driving your boring appliances dummies. Miata owners of every stripe know what they have and enjoy and wouldn't be caught dead driving your white, boring , lifeless kelvinator with the gray on gray interior.


kopetdag said... »August 02, 2009

just joking, simmer down people!

Sergiu said... »August 03, 2009

not so special as it must have been.

Anonymous said... »August 03, 2009

The Japanese really know how to make near perfect automobiles.

Anonymous said... »August 03, 2009

As an out and proud gay man...

Anonymous said... »August 03, 2009

The power of the new system is incredible! We achieved a full 100 whp over stock. The base map produced a 64.5% increase over stock, at 238 rwhp. In-house tuning improved to 249 whp, an increase of 72%. This was done at 8 psi with a stock size exhaust. Stock, this car dyno'd at 145 whp.

Nordic said... »August 03, 2009

The fact that the big american macho man think this car is gay, only shows the size of is brain...

Great car!!!

Anonymous said... »August 03, 2009

Actually, 'the big American macho man' is just trying to convince us he is not gay, cause he has suspicions he is or knows(?). Men assured of their manhood, will drive what they want, irregardless of stupid, gay phobic assertions applied to a vehicle or anything else.

Dean said... »August 07, 2009

One of the best cars ever, although I prefer the basic models to the special editions. Whoever needs validation of their sexuality by what they drive needs to get their head examined.

Anonymous said... »August 10, 2009

I am homosexual and I got a MX5 for 2,5 years... SO WHAT ? I can't imagine that someone would refrain from buying the car of his dream because he's afraid of the others' opinion !?!?!? Is that a straight attitude ?
I prefer looking like a faggot in a MX5 (= wonderful car) than looking like a idiot in a straight (boring) car. So now you have to choose between "looking like a gay" of "keep being an idiot". It's up to you. (Eric - Brussels)

Anonymous said... »August 18, 2009

Nothing shouts gay more than a HUMMER!

Anonymous said... »August 19, 2009

MX5s will make you look like a driver, someone who understands what driving means. HUMMERS will not only make you look gay, but also stupid

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