Pontiac Firebird Conversion for 2010 Chevy Camaro

The demise of the Pontiac brand killed off any dreams that General Motors might create a Firebird model out of the new 2010 Chevy Camaro, but fans of the car may find some comfort in the Trans Am conversions that are being readied by the crew over at "Trans Am Depot". The company said that it will unveil a one-off Kevin Morgan "Trans Am" Concept at the 2009 Trans Am Nationals at the end of the month with the production version kits set to be available for order later this year.

The Phoenix T/A project that is said to recall the '77 - '78 Trans Am will feature among other things, new front and rear fascias, unique alloy wheels, lowered suspension and turned aluminum inserts in the interior plus a series of performance upgrades.

Trans Am Depot said that the company will be offering everything from the body conversion only to the limited Phoenix Edition with details, pricing and delivery information to be released at a latter date.

Phoenix T/A Conversion Specs - Excluding Performance Upgrades


  • 1' - 1.5' Lowering Kit w/sway bar handling upgrade
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Front: 20x9.5x120 CB-66.9 Gold or Silver Machined Face Snowflake Wheels. PIRELLI PZERO 275/45ZR20
  • Rear: 20x11.5x120 CB-66.9 Gold or Silver Machined Face Snowflake Wheels. PIRELLI PZERO 305/35ZR20
  • Hood
  • Shaker Scoop
  • Fender Extractors
  • Exhaust Conversion w/ splitter tips
  • Rear Fascia Clip w/tail lamp lenses and bulbs
  • Rear Spoiler
  • TA Graphic Package


  • Embroded Head Rest and Console Lid - KM Graphic Punch
  • Turned Aluminum Door Panel
  • Turned Aluminum Dash Inserts
  • Turned Aluminum Instrument Cluster
  • Door Panel Badges
  • T/A SN Badge and Designation

Link: Trans Am Depot , Via: Jalopnik


Anonymous said... »August 14, 2009

What a waste. Isn't Burt Reynolds too old to drive any longer?

Anonymous said... »August 14, 2009

Wow ! Thats....really ugly !

Anonymous said... »August 14, 2009

love it

Anonymous said... »August 14, 2009

looks like midnight club conversions...and yes i know those are real in the game but that doesnt make them look any better....

Anonymous said... »August 14, 2009

Looks like junk, I mean Pontiac

Anonymous said... »August 17, 2009

WOW, that is SO gay!
I love you pontiac and GM, MY BFF :)
Trans AM Power !!! #1

Jason said... »August 28, 2009

So...GM takes a Camero, puts a firebird on the hood, and that's it??? No alteration of body style at least? They aren't even going to bother with a modernization of the '78 model? Wouldn't that have been better? Hello?? GM??

P.S. The Volt is going to fail, and we all know it.

Anonymous said... »September 03, 2009

I don't think GM is behind this. Looks like an independent company found an opportunity an ran with it. Good way to keep the nameplate alive. It worked for the PT Cruiser. I see car clubs on the horizon....more power 2 u guys.

Anonymous said... »September 11, 2009

Not a GM brand...Total Knockoff!!! Looks like poo if you ask me. Not even close to the old trans am. Looks like an ugly, poor designed customed Camaro. Why bother!

fbodygallery said... »September 13, 2009

that is kevin morgan's TA. he re-worked a camaro with his own body kit and design. I like it, should be a special production run at GM.


2010 Firebird said... »September 17, 2009

Pretty interesting, but looking at the actual 2010 Firebird, there are good number of differences. And, considering the specs and performance, i feel buying a Firebird itself would be a better deal than this conversion stuff.

2010 Firebird said... »September 17, 2009

And a small suggestion to the site owner/admin - the blog takes about 20seconds to load completely - there are about 198 components (i can see when it loads) so it would be advisable that you remove some of these active scripts or JavaScript codes and put eqv HTML code -- that way site will load pretty fast.

Anonymous said... »September 17, 2009

I don't know what you guys are talking about, there wasn't a whole lot of difference between the old camaros and firebirds. These designs are sharp, clean, effective, and clearly resemble a firebird. The work looks great. And you couldn't possibly do this without the Bandit's car. Good work!

Anonymous said... »September 25, 2009

I Luv it! I want one! wonder how much it will cost to convert? You all dont have to like it but calling Pontiac junk is uncalled for. If you don't like America then move to Japan buy yourself a flippin Prius and learn the language there...

Anonymous said... »October 01, 2009

This car is going to be factory made:

Anonymous said... »October 03, 2009

Uhh, for those of you saying there will be a "real" 2010 Firebird... the early concepts were released as a way to wet people's appetites... unfortunately, GM is preparing to discontinue the Pontiac line completely as of April 2009: see link below.

That said, if I had a 2009 Camaro, I would definitely do the conversion sans the giant bird on the hood--never was a fan of that. It would feel a little blasphemous not being a true Firebird, though.

GM to discontinue Pontiac:

Anonymous said... »December 15, 2009

i have never anticipated the release of a new car as much as the new camaro! but i drive a 91 firebird formula with the 16" wheels and suspension pack under a v-8! the idea of a new trans am makes me drool! nuff said!

Anonymous said... »February 24, 2010

Firebird & Camaro never really had many design differences other than front clips and maybe taillights. I think that people who really want a Trans Am will find a way to have one, wheather it be a conversion or wait to see if we ever see a true pontiac ever come back out of GM. It will be nice for pontiac to come back.

Anonymous said... »April 13, 2010

why is it they dont tell you how much it costs??? I was watching horse power tv sunday and they had one on there from another company and they went as far as doing the interior and a new 454 with 600 horse they completly redid it said it would take about 6 weeks but did not say the cost.. I want some thing you can drive down the road and not see 10 of at the stop light.. unlike the dime a dozen over priced crapy mustangs that every one and their dog has

Anonymous said... »April 13, 2010

if gm isnt producing this kit how can they put the pontiac symbol on it and how would you insure it

Anonymous said... »May 01, 2010

The one in the video has one of the ugliest front ends that I have seen. In the individual pictures, I do like the last one, but the tailights need improved and get rid of the honeycomb wheels.

Anonymous said... »June 12, 2010

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... »June 13, 2010

^ Even I want one!!!!!!

Anonymous said... »March 11, 2011

It looks just like a camaro with a body kit

Nybassmaster12533 said... »September 26, 2011

there actually alot of differences in the 2nd and 3rd gen firebirds from the camaro the only thing shared in the 3rd gens were the drivetrains try putting a firebird fender or door on a camaro

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