Renault Fluence: New Compact Sedan for Russia, Turkey and Romania, and perhaps the US as a Saturn

Remember Renault's 2004 Fluence concept car that inspired the styling of the Laguna Coupe? Well, the only common denominator between the sexy prototype (see pics below) and this compact-sized sedan is their name... Virtually a rebadged version of the Korean market Samsung SM3 that was revealed earlier this year, the Fluence is the sedan variant of the Megane and it will be initially sold only in Russia, Romania and Turkey.

There's also a chance that we may see Renault's VW Jetta-sized sedan heading towards the States as a Saturn if the American brand's new owner, Penske Automotive Group, closes a proposed deal with the French automaker.

Depending on the market, buyers will have a choice of two gasoline engines, a 110HP 1.6-liter unit linked to either a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission and a 140HP 2.0-liter matted to a CVT, plus a 1.5-lited dCi diesel with outputs of 85HP, 90HP (DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter), 105HP and 110HP (DPF). All diesel engines are coupled to a manual gearbox, with the most powerful version also offered with Renault's new dual-clutch transmission.

In 2011, Renault will also introduce an electric version of the Fluence with more details expected to be released closer to the launch date.

The 4,62 metres long four-door saloon that boasts a luggage capacity of 530 liters will be built at Renault's plant in Bursa, Turkey, on the same assembly line that manufactured the outgoing Megane II sedan.

Renault Fluence Sedan


Samsung SM3


Renault Fluence Concept


Anonymous said... »August 31, 2009

it will be sale too in the rest of europe

Anonymous said... »August 31, 2009

The new Renault Flu!!

Yeah, I've got the Flu!

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

the samsung is better looking.

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

The Samsung looks way better.

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

Nice looking car! This should also be the next Nissan Sentra in the U.S.

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

The Samsungs one is better !

Anonymous said... »September 02, 2009

I saw the post title and thought it was the, "Renault Flatulence." >.<

Anonymous said... »September 05, 2009

it looks great, nice car.

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »September 17, 2009

Oh!It is a fluent-looking front-drive 4door sedan rivalling the likes of Toyota Corolla,Honda Civic,Mazda3,Fiat Linea and Nissan Tiida/Versa in developing areas.
As such C-segment(entry midsize) sedan,she looks sporty and her suspension tuning seems poised,but as for front mask,she makes shoddy skin-deep sporty image. Such childish design expression spoils her lambent body shape,I think.
So Samsung SM3 guise looks better,without clutter front face.
By the way,it is interesting about her being sold in USA as Saturn. Her styling cues are quite common with original Saturn SL1/SL2 series in my image. Of course her active and passive safety are vastly different from original Saturn,with some 20-years distance.
Indeed,the C-segment(likes of Golf,Jetta,Corolla and so on) is to Europe and Japan what Ford Fusion is to American market. Observing from it,in America,the vehicle sized like Saturn is on the same idiom as superminis(Yaris,VW Polo,small Fiats) in European/Japanese market.
As such commuter/minimum family car,she would do quite well in USA,I believe.

Anonymous said... »October 20, 2009

I hope this is not to be bad direction and seat-dashbord material like megane 2

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