Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe: First Official Photos of Pre-Production Model Released Ahead of Tokyo Show

The CR-X lives on to tell another tale, or at least sort of. The spiritual successor to Honda's much missed small coupe, the gasoline-electric hybrid CR-Z, will be unveiled in near production form at next month's Tokyo Motor Show. Despite the fact that CR-Z carries a concept moniker, it's obvious that only a few changes will be made to the production model that is scheduled to be launched in Japan in February 2010 and the rest of the world sometime after.

At a first glance, the so-called "CR-Z Concept 2009" doesn't appear to be that different from the original CR-Z concept car that was displayed at the 2007 Tokyo show.

However, as you can see for yourselves in the photos that we've attached below, a closer look reveals that Honda's designers thoroughly reworked the sport coupe's front and rear ends as well as the profile.

Not surprisingly, the pre-production CR-Z's interior has nothing in common with the 2007 concept model, but sans the sportier trim, the dashboard's styling does bring to mind the Insight...

As of yet, there's nothing official on the CR-Z's hybrid powertrain, but recent reports suggest that Honda will ditch the Insight's 1.3-liter petrol engine for a more powerful 1.5-liter unit combined with a more potent electric motor.





Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

The old concept rear end was better,but other than that,gold!

Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

please honda import this car to america!!!!

SamuraiJack said... »September 30, 2009

At last something I can replace my CRX with. If only I could afford it :-(

Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

This car looks great and should be a real hit for Honda. They will be the first with a coupe hybrid. Hope it gets amazing gas mileage. It needs to be above the Prius since it is a smaller package. One major criticism is the manual gearbox which doesn't seem to fit with a modern hybrid.

Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

wow, very cool.

Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

Back to the nineties... Mazda MX-3 redone.

Honda must be over out of the box dash experiments and back to classic dash layouts.


Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

"They will be the first with a coupe hybrid"

What you mean they will?They already are,the first gen Honda Insight was a coupe ;)

Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

The last decent design coming out from Honda. The next gen CRX.

Where's the heck they come out with that horrible Accord Crosstour design ??

Anonymous said... »September 30, 2009

"One major criticism is the manual gearbox which doesn't seem to fit with a modern hybrid."

That because the words 'sports' and 'hybrid' are the polar opposite of one another. Your typical Prius owner doesn't know anything about sports car and is likely confused by a manual trasmission (something about them complaining about the gear-shift being broken becasue it moves left and right as well as the usual up and down).

Joe said... »October 01, 2009

Long live the CR-X! Do you guys know if it will be available with a gasoline only engine ?

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2009

Give me a small turbodiesel instead of gasoline engine and I'll be happy with it.

Anonymous said... »October 26, 2009

the future sport hybrid manual gearbox love you Honda

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