Lexus to Debut Facelifted 2010 LS460 and LS600h at Frankfurt Motor Show

The LF-Ch premium compact hatch concept will be joined on the Lexus Frankfurt motorshow stand by the world debut of the updated LS 460 and LS 600h models, both of which were prematurely revealed through a leaked JDM brochure a few days ago. On the outside, the LS range has been updated with restyled front and rear bumpers, reworked headlights and tail lamps, new front grille and mirror housings with integrated turning signals plus fresh alloy wheel designs.

Other changes for Lexus' flagship sedan include interior design revisions, updated standard equipment as well as suspension modifications.

Lexus has also further differentiated the LS600h hybrid from the gasoline-only LS460 models through bespoke exterior and interior styling cues that include a unique grille and bumper treatment. In addition, the Japanese automaker said that it has improved packaging, and numerous enhancements to the vehicle's Lexus Hybrid Drive system.


Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

Looks great!

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

Yes, looks great. I think Lexus rules.

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

I want them!

Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009


Anonymous said... »September 01, 2009

looks like a big toyota avalon. lexus is heading down the buick road with their styling.

Anonymous said... »September 02, 2009

Lexus sucks...
It is for pensioners.Yes.

Max said... »September 02, 2009

This new details remind me of the fabulous LS 400.

Anonymous said... »September 02, 2009

How many headlights? hahahaha, so laaaammme.

Anonymous said... »September 06, 2009

i like it. but the recent styling in toyota and honda have gotten a bit, awkward, strange, even bland. sure good stuff comes out every now and then but sometimes it feels cheap. car companies shouldn't use hard plastic for side panels.

but a well. i like it.

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »September 17, 2009

As for hybrid guises,this redesign makes her awkward compared with previous version in my notion.
But I respect Lexus LS itself,especially normal combustion LS460 guise has commendable power enough to post 1/4miles in mid-13s,and remarkable economy of mid-9km/l average. Indeed,she's as fast as the Mercedes-Benz S550L in acceleration times,but she feels much faster than comparable Mercedes in passing acceleration for me!
Hence such power/performance balance is an engineering triumph,with her delimitered theoretical top speed of some 186mph(300km/h). On the other hand,hybrid guises the LS600h has tremendous power too,while her fuel consumption makes considerable difference from condition to condition,so hybrid system itself has a room for improvement.
By the way,the newly-born LS460SZ with stiffer suspensions has more margin for cornering ability compared with previous series,so her weak points of softer suspension and somewhat numb steering feel are vastly improved,largely to Mercedes S-class level. That's very rational and productive idea I think.

Anonymous said... »October 16, 2009

Ugly in spades

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