TOMMYKAIRA Developing Aggressive Aero Kits for 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid

Going 'green' doesn't necessarily mean that you car has to look more boring than a Tupperware collection. Japanese car tuner and manufacturing company, Tommy Kaira, has released a bevy of computer enhanced as well as real life images of some pretty badass tuning packages that it is preparing for the latest generation Toyota Prius hybrid model.

With the exception of the new exhaust system with the quad tail pipes that is already available for order in Japan, Tommy Kaira is working on several aero packages.

It's not sure yet which of these bodykits will make it into production, but all proposals include front spoilers, side skirts, grille trims and rear aprons that house a diffuser. In some of the photos, the kits are either fully or partially made out (or trimmed) of carbon fiber.

According to Tommy Kaira, the aero packages will be combined with a lowering kit and chunky 18-inch alloy wheels shod in 215/40 R18 tires that will be offered in various designs.

Source: Tommy Kaira


Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009

the kit makes the car looks even squarer... really wonder what all these third party aerokits can really help a car in term of increasing the aethistic value, or performance etc...

Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009

still slow man got the looks not the performance poser much ?


Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009


Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009

oh my gay ghetto. wtf is this car a ghetto sled or a hybrid. but, wait its both.

Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009

Some of these add ons look pretty good. Like the grill insert especially and the gray side skirt.

Rick said... »September 29, 2009

Because every earth loving hippy Prius owner LOVES carbon fiber!!

Wait, what?

Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009


Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009

What happened to the insane (in a good way) Tommy Kaira known for it's mad tuning offerings for Skyline GT-Rs and the cult classic ZZ-S?Tarting up a Prius,a car with no sporting ambition at all is just insane (in a horrible way)!

Anonymous said... »September 29, 2009

"Some of these add ons look pretty good. Like the grill insert especially and the gray side skirt."

Smoking cocaine can impair your judgement. Long term use can turn you into a Prius-driving hippie with a beard and a DVD copy of Rent.

If you know someone who drvies an aero-kitted Prius, call the national drug abuse hotline at 1-90blah blah blah blah blah blah!

Anonymous said... »October 02, 2009

"smoking cocaine....."-
IF smoking cocaine can do something about bad judgement so be it. Drive Prius. BE smart. BE good to the world.

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2009

The quad exhaust is so radical. Very cool!!!

Anonymous said... »July 15, 2011

Some of these add ons look pretty good. Like the grill insert especially and the gray side skirt.

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