2011 Kia VG Sedan: First Official Photos of Production Model Leaked

This past Aprli at the Seoul Motor Show, Kia gave us a foretaste of its upcoming flagship sedan with the KND-5 concept car. And even though we weren't supposed to see it yet in production form, the first official photos of the model that is currently known by its code name VG were leaked onto the internet today. The VG is set to replace the existing Opirus / Amanti in Korean, North American and European markets - with the exception of Britain as Kia said that it has no plans to import the model in the UK.

Oddly enough, and even though at a first glance it appears that the production model has kept all the distinct features we liked on the concept car, the end result -always judging by these photos- looks far less aggressive when compared to the KND-5.

Of course it's a stunner when put side to side with the current Amanti / Opirus, but then again, find a four-door saloon that isn't...

The 'VG', or whatever else Kia decides to call it will, most likely have similar dimensions to the concept that measured 194.5-in. (4,945mm) in length, 72.8-in. (1,850mm) in width and 57.9-in. (1,475mm) in height with a wheelbase of 111.8-in (2,845mm).

The mid-size saloon that will sit atop the Optima / Magentis in Kia's lineup will be offered with a choice of two engines, either the Hyundai Group's new 2.4-liter four-cylinder direct-injection petrol engine producing around 200 horsepower or a Lamba V6.

Sales will kick off in Korea before the end of the year and the U.S., Europe and other international markets sometime in the first half of 2010.

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Anonymous said... »October 16, 2009

This looks like an Audi alternative. It'll be good if it will have the DSG gearbox and a decent engine.

Anonymous said... »October 16, 2009

There's Audi, VW CC, Lincoln MKS, a whole bunch of different cars going on in this design. As a whole though, it looks pretty darn attractive. The interior is downright snazzy.....
Too bad about the name on the trunk and grille. Perception is everything.

Frederick said... »October 16, 2009

Superb. Mercury who?

Anonymous said... »October 16, 2009

If the final design will stick to its original concept car design (the second set of the above pictures) in their actual production, especially the front part and the interior, car buyers would definitely start thinking carefully and seriously whether they should choose a camry, accord, mazda6 or this fellow.... cheaper but look much nicer. To ensure the sales, just add a little longer in warranty period than the competitors...

Anonymous said... »October 16, 2009

i hope it goes as well as it looks.
will it come to Australia??

Anonymous said... »October 16, 2009

It'll obviously has design cues from Audi and VW courtesy of Paul Schreyer. But overall, it works well. It'll be tough choosing between this or the new Sonata.

kopetdag said... »October 17, 2009

See through roof?! How are you going to make out in the back seat? :)

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

It looks good! I have to say, wow! This is a design movement that is great for Kia. I think this car will change the perception of Kia, the same way that the Genesis sedan and coupe are changing the way people perceive of Hyundai.

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

Images origin is

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

I think it's inspired by the Opel Insignia. With difference that I would buy the Opel even it's smaller.

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

I love VW Passat CC, and I have said in my coments before that passat cc looks better than other cars in its compete segment. But this KIA VG Sedan looks wonderfull, it has original design, looks beautiful, and knowing the fact that is produced by KIA I guess the car quality will be highest possible..

Beautiful work KIA.
.. by the way the only thing that I dont like at this car is it's name, its not nice name for such beautiful sedan. It's the most beautiful KIA sedan that is ever made.

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

it looks good because it looks like an audi, pretty sure everyone understands that. Kia does this. does anyone remember the kia amanti looking like a frickin jaguar????

jb said... »October 17, 2009

VG = Very Good! :p But seriously, I also think that it's one of the more attractively-designed cars today.

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

KIA is on a roll here. However,the panorama glass roof could be a pain to repair or replace if it gets damaged.

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

Hyundai corp seems to be finding damn good stylists nowadays.

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

it's beautiful..

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

it's boring..

Anonymous said... »October 17, 2009

isnt the magentis the equivalent of the sonata. This should be the sister car to the Hyundai grandeur.

Automotiveguy said... »October 17, 2009

I'am sure Korean car will achieve top position in next few years, this model was proven that Korean has best design too

Anonymous said... »October 18, 2009

The design is now getting more mature.I think It's time for Kia to come up with a better corporate badge rather than having this generic charaters KIA in the oval. Also the front grille looks a bit empty without a badge in the middle.

Anonymous said... »October 18, 2009

if this is coming out, i dont see a reason for a new optima really, telling by the spy shots of the '10 optima this looks way better.

Anonymous said... »October 18, 2009

the front of the car is very ugly.. I mean very ugly which makes all car an bad designed car.

The most beauiful cars in this segment are,
1. VW Passat CC.
2 Audi A5
6. Jaguar XF (i put xf in this category even If I know that cost about 20000 euros more than VW Passat CC, and about 15000 euros more than audi a5.. But I said the most beautiful cars in this segment.


Anonymous said... »October 18, 2009

I agree, it just an bad try to imitate vw passat cc, and audi but unfortunately this KIA is just an big ugly sedan..
I had have different sedans, but i have never see such ugly sedan never.. it's something in exterior of the car that makes all car look UGLY.

Anonymous said... »October 18, 2009

If I wanted a Camry I'd buy a Camry.

Anonymous said... »October 18, 2009

Wow some people...
Kia's head of design is FORMER AUDI DESIGNER P E T E R S C H R E Y E R who designed the Audi TT.

This looks waaaaay better than a Passat CC - which is just a terrible copy of a Mercedez CLS

DKG said... »October 18, 2009

For the record, this car had been spied in production form before the Insignia was revealed, so NO it wasn't inspired by the then-unseen Insignia.

As for the CC, this is nowhere new a "4-door coupe" design, so how can it be copying it?

And yes, this will be on the same platform as the next Grandeur/Azera.

Anonymous said... »October 19, 2009

Amen to DKG

Anonymous said... »February 07, 2011

I sure did like the Amanti while it lasted. Not impressed with another egg shaped car. Thanks, anyway.

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