Right-Hand Drive 2010 Chevy Camaro on Sale in Australia for... $128,500 USD!

The good news for our fellow Aussie readers is that, while GM has not revived plans to introduce a right-hand drive (RHD) version of its new 2010 Camaro, Queensland-based Performax International, an Australian importer and converter of new US-made passenger vehicles, has announced the domestic market launch of what it supports to be, the world's first RHD version of the muscle car. The bad news is that those interested will have to be willing to dig really, really deep into their pockets...

To be precise, the Camaro SS with the 426HP 6.2-liter V8 and a six-speed manual transmission will be priced from $139,000 AUD ($128,500 USD at the current exchange rates) or more than twice the cost of the HSV Clubsport R8, a high-performance version of the Holden Commodore / Pontiac G8 sports saloon equipped with a 425HP LS3 V8 that retails for $65,990 AUD.

In the U.S., the V8-powered Camaro SS costs a mere $33,745 USD or $36,500 AUD meaning that an Aussie can basically come to the U.S., buy a Camaro and live fairly comfortably off the price difference for a couple of years without having to work...

Despite the overly-hefty price tag, Performax claims that it has already received half a dozen orders and expects more now that the RHD Camaro has been released.

"For something that will be an absolute standout on Australian roads - and drive as good as it looks - it's great value for money," Performax General Manager Nicholas Vandenberg said.

"The Camaro SS drives just like it does it does from the factory, meaning it has the same outstanding handling, tactile steering and powerful V8 performance noted by American reviewers".

"The driving position, including the relationship between steering wheel, pedals and seat, is perfect. Thanks to our industry-leading computer-aided-design and plastic injection moulding technology, we have been able to re-create the fascia, door panels, centre console, ventilation ducts, wiper cowl and other parts with total accuracy of fit and finish," Vandenberg concluded.

Performax said that it is also readying other RHD versions of the Camaro including a base model with the 3.6-litre V6 priced from $129,000 AUD or about $119,200 USD. According to the company, first customer deliveries of the RHD 2010 Camaro are expected to start in December or January, following formal ADR certification.

The Camaro SS package includes an LS3 V8 engine matched to a Tremec six-speed manual transmission, StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control with Traction Control, high-performance Brembo brakes with four-piston aluminum calipers, leather heated seats with driver's six-way power adjustment, cruise control, Bluetooth, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, Boston Acoustic 245 Watt stereo system with nine speakers and auxiliary/USB input jacks, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob and front, side and head-curtain airbags.


Anonymous said... »October 26, 2009

Utterly laughable for a third-rate quality control vehicle that plays on days of yore, and does nothing to address the real issues of today. I guess Lutz has to find his additional perks through absurdity like this?

Anonymous said... »October 26, 2009

The price is "utterly laughable" but so is your assessment of it being "a third-rate quality control vehicle." Have you done any sort of long-term testing on it to indicate that this is true? Didn't think so. Typical American-bashing going on here as usual. I'm not American but I can't get over how much penis-envy the rest of the world has for them.

alexporter said... »October 26, 2009

Thats a bit of a sick joke eh... Yes utterly laughable... Its a cheap as chips commoners budget priced sports car in the USA and we have to pay through the nose for it b'cos some mob have converted it to right hand drive and then mark it up ridiculously... pass on that.

Anonymous said... »October 27, 2009

Not that I'm knocking the Camaro, but I'm sure there are much better choices in Australia for $139,000 AUD. By the way, couldn't you just bring in a left-hand drive Camaro from the States? Or is that not legal in Australia?

Anonymous said... »October 27, 2009

"By the way, couldn't you just bring in a left-hand drive Camaro from the States? Or is that not legal in Australia?"

Not legal. I think it was for all cars built from 1976 onward that are imported into Austrailia that need to be converted unless they are only in the country for 6 months or travel less than X kilometers a year.

Don't hold me to that.

Anonymous said... »October 27, 2009

$128,500 for a Camaro? You have got to be f***ing kidding me. What kind of a complete idiot would spend that much, when you could get an Aston Martin or something far more awesome for that kind of money?

Anonymous said... »October 27, 2009

How many of you voted for Kevin Rudd and his 33% luxury car tax at the piont of sale

Anonymous said... »October 28, 2009

It's purport, not support!

Braddo said... »October 28, 2009

I agree - Sure there are costs incurred with 'developing' a new RH layout, but $129k??? God the list is endless what you could get for that here in Australia... Mercs, BMWs, Jag, not to mention the Hot HSV Range of Holden Commodores... This would want to be one seriously good car with amazing quality...

Anonymous said... »November 23, 2009

The boys at Camaro wouldn't know how to make a interior if their jobs depended on it

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »December 18, 2009

How abusive import tax in Australia is!!
For such unrealistic/ridiculous price,only crooked-minded milionares would get her here,saying "I'm very tired of hordes of Mercedes/BMWs,I want to get much loosier and light-minded car instead".

Anonymous said... »May 26, 2011

simple rip off , yank yank , in Australia we say,drop a fat load of this aaaaaaahhhhh in ya bank dam Americans , coz u wont be getting a $ off me

Anonymous said... »January 08, 2012

All legal to import either a LHD or RHD Chevrolet camaro into Australia. It's a easier import process via RAWs accepting the cars compliance with Australian standards if you buy a LHD Camaro, and bring that into the country. Don't be fooled and look to import a RHD, it's too much confussle. You can pick up LHDCamaro in the states for $25-30,000aus, conversion of the car from LHD to RHD is priced between $25,000-$35,000 dependin with import conversion company you go thru. That price also includes all ur customs sleuth taxes etc. So for a car that these wankers that are trying to sell to us for $120,000, do it all yourself for the price of $55,000. HALF THE PRICE!!!!!! I just brought one from states, it arrived in Australia 3 months ago, everythin went smoothly because I put the time n right amount of research into it, and now I have a kick arse camaro for half the price :)

Anonymous said... »April 17, 2012

Hi mate just wondering who converted the camaro for you and did they do a good job and how much they charged you if you don't mind me asking?

Anonymous said... »April 17, 2012

Hey mate just wondering who did the convertion for you and if they did a good job and how much $ if you don't mind me asking ,I want to get a camaro but not shore the right way to go about it

Florence Moreno said... »June 06, 2012

Well said ;)

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