UK Police Forces to Employ Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Speed Criminals Rejoice!


While police officers in the States are getting ready to welcome the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice, in the UK the boys in blue -well, at least some of them- will soon be cracking down crime with the help (?) of Mitsubishi's all-electric i MiEV. The five-door micro car was showcased in full police livery at the National Police Show in September and according to the Japanese automaker, since then the company has been swamped with requests from UK Police Forces to trial the i MiEV.

Mitsubishi said that the first production versions of the i-MiEV are set to arrive in the UK in November 2009 and will be on the road in December 2009, with West Midlands Police being the first department to run the all-electric micro car in full operational use.

The four-seat, bubble-shaped i-MiEV gets an electric motor that makes 47kW / 64HP and 180Nm (132.8 lb-ft) of peak torque. Power is delivered to the rear-wheels with Mitsubishi claiming a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 81mph (130km/h).

Certainly not the best choice if you're trying to pursue someone but we gather that the i-MiEV will most likely be used by urban cops for light tasks.



Anonymous said... »October 05, 2009

what a joke the police in the uk is. a bunch of wannabe hardmen driving round in cars "responding" to crime instead of actually being on the streets making their prescence felt and "policing" crime.

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2009

That is right Anonymour #1, it should be done like in the U.S. with our overflowing prisons and easy availability of guns.

It is obvious that our police state has worked wonders. You can imagine what would happen if we were soft on crime and the biggest prison population of any country in the world was released.

Sure we have over 100 times the hand gun deaths of other industrialized liberal democracies, but think of the hundreds of thousands of crimes that are prevented (according to the NRA) every year because criminals don't know if you have a gun or not.

The police state mentality is the safest and safest feeling. The more aggressive the police the better. Just don't have a video camera around.

But... speaking of video cameras, maybe England doesn't need the aggressive police force that we have in the U.S., but they sure do have a lot of surveillance cameras... hmmm

lazy penguin said... »October 05, 2009

Hey John, thanks for the title. It made me bust out laughing.

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2009

"but they sure do have a lot of surveillance cameras... hmmm"

The panopticon-effect doesn't quite work as well out in the open. You can't have cameras everywhere, but they work damn well in crowded, population concentrated areas. Crime will move to areas where there are less cameras.

Despite the foilbles of the yanks, I agree with their conceal and carry laws. If I have to go so far as to arm myself because my personal safety is at risk, I will, as I refuse to rely on a govenrment to baby and coddle me. Socialist, capitalist, theocratic, anarchistic; in any flavour, you name it, I'll protect myself as I see fit.

John @ Carscoop said... »October 05, 2009

Lazy Penguin# Don't laugh, if the French ever decide to remake 'Fantomas', the i-MiEV would be a perfect candidate for commissioner Juve's (Louis de Fun├Ęs) patrol vehicle

Anonymous said... »October 06, 2009

obviously this wont be used for policing motorways, believe it or not its a city car so will be used in the cities for general policing duties
when it comes to traffic the police will just use the bmws, volvos, range rovers an other cars like that
an just LOL at the first comment

Anonymous said... »October 21, 2009

Ya'll are missing the forest cuz of them pesky trees. Any of you been to London? Have you seen their streets and traffic? Traffic is congested and the streets are tiny. With this car they'll be able to chase the crooks even on sidewalks, all the little alleyways, and even those trying to get away on foot. Of course this car would never make it in L.A. but in London, it's perfect(even if a bit embarrassing)

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