VIDEO: 15 Year Old Swipes Dad's Porsche Boxster, Plunges 70 Feet Over a Cliff...

You've heard the story before: teen steals dad's sports car for a joy ride and it usually ends up in a crash or even worse, someone meets the death reaper face to face. In this case, an unnamed 15-year-old teen who swiped his dad's Porsche Boxster and took his 12-year-old cousin for a dicey joy ride at Porter Ranch in Los Angeles, California, had more lives than an alley cat and more luck than a Leprechaun wearing horse shoes and walking in an Irish field full of four leaf clovers on St Patrick's day...

The 15-year-old behind the wheel of the Boxster (and not the 911 Cabriolet as ABC's reporter wrongly states) lost control of the vehicle along Sesnon Boulevard crashing through a fence and flying off the road plunging around 70 feet (about 22 meters) over the edge of a construction site.

Miraculously, the Boxster did not flip over during landing (sic...) as it came settled upright on its four wheels. What's even more astounding is that the two boys walked out of the roadster virtually unscathed!

"Miracles still happen, that's the best way I can put it," told ABC news Eric Hansen from the Los Angeles Police department. "Firemen were saying that they've never seen that deep of a droPop without fatalities, and they were able to walk out of it."

According to the report, the two young "daredevils" are off the hook at this point as authorities are not likely to press charges. Hopefully, the parents won't be as forgiving...

Hat tip to Marcus! Via: ABC7


Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

This would make a good Ad for porsche..

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

Another reason for having even weight distribution front & back. Imagine if it wasn't a BMW or a porsche, but a FORD or GM......

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

She said "911 Porsche Convertible".. fail.

Jenny said... »October 14, 2009

It was a stick... I'd bet my money that those kids didn't know how to drive stick and that's how they lost control.

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

She said its a 911 but its a Boxster!!

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

Okay, these two other comments are infuriatingly silly: This is called blind luck, folks. There's no "safety" story or reason for mid-engine weight distribution here. The car rolled and, by the fleeting whims of chance, it didn't fall on its roof and the numbskulls inside.

If this was my kid, he'd forfeit getting a license and delay college for a year or two to wise up. This is massive stupidity.

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

that is sad and that is good that the two kids did not get hurt and the car did not flip...and that is not a Porsche is a Boxster

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

Porsche makes very safe sport cars for sure. I remember reading something about those car that they will always land on 4 wheels instead of upside down.

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

Deutsche Qualit├Ąt! ;)

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

Oh well. Serves him right. He's 15, not 5. Crap happens.

Lol Anon #1, it would indeed :D

Sergejs said... »October 14, 2009

how is that for smoothing out a bumpy ride? :D

btw, by Lotus engineering understanding bumps come in all sizes - from a crack on a tarmac to a huge mountain - bump is a bump, only scale changes ;)

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

Too bad they survived. Now they're still alive to do other stupid things and possibly hurt others.

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

^ well with GM, you'd be dead, but at least OnStar could alert ppl when and where you died... lol

peter said... »October 14, 2009

If it had of been a Ford or GM, there is a good chance that the 15 year old wouldn't have been all that interested in taking it out for a spin. And even then it probably wouldn't have started.

Sergio said... »October 14, 2009

WOW!! I agree with the last comment, good for him it was a Porsche.

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

"Imagine if it wasn't a BMW"

You mean like an X3 or X5? They would have folded due to their high centre of gravity.

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2009

I think my new mx-5 could make it due to the 50/50 weight distribution... as an added bonus it kind of looks like a cat, so it MUST land on its feet!

Anonymous said... »October 15, 2009

Nice work kids.....thank heavens dad does not own a private plane.

Anonymous said... »October 15, 2009

"as an added bonus it kind of looks like a cat, so it MUST land on its feet!"

That's all the proof we need here! My car looks like a jelly bean, so therefore it MUST float in water!

Anonymous said... »October 15, 2009

It's a good thing they weren't in a US badged car or such designed in the US.. Ofcourse european cars are far more safety overall.

Jerry said... »October 17, 2009

Let's see some safety statistics of European cars versus domestic cars. The people ranting about 50/50 weight distribution and Euro marquees here offer no facts or evidence, just emotional conjecture. At worst, they've been brainwashed by fancily produced car ads by Volvo and Porsche, and expensive looking interiors. The science of materials, frame design, and crumple zones is universally applied to all makes; if you see this accident as anything other than blind luck that the Porsche didn't roll over and kill its occupants, you might need to up your rational thinking skills.

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