2011 BMW 5-Series Sedan Partially Revealed in Leaked Pictures

The official, live unveiling of the 2011 BMW 5-Series, which carries the internal codename F10, isn't due until Monday, November 23, but the first batch of photos of the executive sedan with the 'skirt' lifted just high enough so we can get a good peak of the front-end design, have already made their way to the internet.

To no one's surprise, the wide, prominent kidney grille and the shape of the headlights of the new mid-size sedan are almost identical to the 5-Series GT "cross-thingy" which in turn was inspired by the latest 7-Series limousine.

When it goes on sale in 2010, the new BMW 5-Series will be offered with a mix of four-cylinder and straight-six turbo diesels as well as naturally aspirated and turbocharged six-cylinder, and V8 turbo gasoline engines.

Unless someone drops the lid on sixth-generation 5-Series earlier, we'll have the 'Full Monty' on the Bavarian automaker's Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class rival on Monday.

Via: Bimmerpost -Thanks for the tip Tim!


Ramalheira said... »November 22, 2009


The nem 5 series is a owesome

Sebastian Rydzewski said... »November 22, 2009

Baby Seven series:) Nice:)

Anonymous said... »November 22, 2009

Nice but for me BMW is like Audi in design... they are all the same, but diferent size! Serie 5 is a small serie 7, and the next serie 3 will be a small serie 5!!

Anonymous said... »November 22, 2009

No more Dame Edna headlights = back on my shopping list.

Bimmer1 said... »November 22, 2009

To be completely honest, I liked the current 5er. This one looks like it;s going to be more conservative

Anonymous said... »November 22, 2009

New 5er - Nice job from BMW...

Anonymous said... »November 22, 2009

looks like a bigger current 3 series

Anonymous said... »November 23, 2009

Oh c'mon it looks identical to the 7 atleast at the front. Its so irritating.. the older 5 was such a sporty-aggressive design.

Anonymous said... »November 23, 2009

base version, im sure a sports version will follow

Anonymous said... »November 23, 2009

I prefer the bangle version. This version is too oldschool, the front is too flat everything gets kind of soft and the front end elements are kind of 'just there'. They don't seem to flow with anything like the flame design bangle used.

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