SEMA 2009: HPP Builds Dodge Challenger Daytona Concept

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Back in the late 1960's, Dodge developed the Charger Daytona race car to compete in NASCAR but to comply with the rules, they also had to build at least 500 copies to sell to the public and thus was born the Charger Daytona, the most outrageous musclecar of the time. Taking a step back into the good old days, the guys over at Heide Performance Products created the modern day successor to the road-legal racer with the Dodge Challenger-based Daytona concept that was shown at this week's SEMA.

The concept model gets all the design features that made the original Daytona look special such as the 'mile-high' rear wing, the elongated front nose piece, the hood scoops and the front fender trims.

Other highlight of the Dodge Challenger Daytona include the Vortech supercharged 5.7-liter V8 engine that should be good for around 600 horsepower or more, the KW Automotive sport suspension and the Magnaflow sport exhaust system.

Link: HPP