Toyota to Revive MR2 as Hybrid Competitor to Honda CR-Z? Japanese Magazine Believes So

Ever since Honda announced the CR-Z hybrid sports coupe, there have been rumors going around about the possibility of a corresponding Toyota model. Just to make it clear, we haven't heard anything official, but Japan's Best Car magazine is reporting/speculating/imagining (take your pick) that Toyota may revive the MR2 as a hybrid model called the MR-S to compete with Honda's CR-Z coupe that will go on sale in 2010.

We'll have to wait until some of our Japanese-fluent readers give us all the details from the article, but from what we gather, the MR-S would probably use a specially developed version of the Toyota Prius' hybrid powertrain.

The magazine's article is accompanied by an artist's impression on how the MR-S could like. Judging by the air-inlets at the back, the proposed MR-S most likely features a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

If true, this would make the MR-S a sportier proposal than the front-wheel drive CR-Z.

As we said before, there's nothing official about the existence of such a model, but we can't say that it sounds improbable for Toyota to develop a second sports car after the FT-86, especially if it's a smaller, lightweight hybrid.

Source: Best Car


Anonymous said... »November 25, 2009

bad render...
its will look very similar to the prius

Max said... »November 25, 2009

Sweet, if they make a thing like that I will be the first in line at the showroom the day it comes out.

Anonymous said... »November 25, 2009

I had fully intended for the CRZ to be my next automotive purchase once i'm stable and out of college,but should this come to fruition,Honda might have some competition

Anonymous said... »November 26, 2009

ITs prettty cool. In fact in days to come it look better and better. I think its that kind of a car.

Woody Thompson said... »November 26, 2009

I was thinking that the illustrator got this confused with the subaru FT-86 twin. Looks at the color rims and exterior paint job, very WRX to me.
And weren't they suppose to make a Prius coupe?
Something smells rather fishy....

Laurence said... »November 26, 2009

I've nothing against hybrid technology,but I don't want it in a sportscar due to the lack of noise,tactile respones,interactivity and driver involvement.It also seems pointless to make a vehicle this small and light a hybrid.The electric motor,control unit and battery pack adds weight.Using light weight materials and construction methods would be a much better approach to meet emmision laws.

John @ Carscoop said... »November 26, 2009

^ Agree. Lightweight materials, perhaps a modern, small displacement turbocharged engine and only the necessary standard equipment would do the trick - think something in the lines of the Lotus Elise but less extreme and pricey.

However, bear in mind that Toyota wants to further promote its hybrid tech and from a marketing standpoint, it makes more sense for the company to develop a hybrid sports car.

Anonymous said... »November 27, 2009

Too bad somebody can't put in a high torque electric like the Tesla has for initial launch, then have it hand over the rest of the job to a high revving petrol turbo or supercharged 4 banger that's already spooled up and ready to go. Best of both worlds?

Anonymous said... »November 28, 2009

To bad that Laurence has absolutely no idea of hybrid technology.
A hybrid system reduces weight.

no clutch, no startermotor, no alternator, no useless belts, no gearbox, but an planetary gearset.
immediately massive ammounts of torque.

i have driven the lexus rx450h, it performes fantastic so why not. you have to keep in mind, that the accelerator pedal controlls the energy not the rpm.


praj. said... »November 29, 2009

How do you agree with Laurence and then reverse to the Toyota policy of Hybrid. You should stick to one side of the coin. But since as you explained Toyota is promoting Hybrid it should stick to that as all benchmark automakers do with thier own trademark tech. or design.

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2009

Just to clarify, perhaps the author of this article cannot read Japanese, the MR-S is the latest version of the MR2 (as shown with the maroon roof in the magazine spread) this was named MR-S because of the drastic change between the original MR2 and the new smaller coupe version, this is also called MR-S in the US. If this version is called the MR-S this would purely be because it is just a new MR-S, thanks

Anonymous said... »March 07, 2010

Hopefully Toyota can show Honda how to produce a true sports hybrid (ie. rear drive platform the will be both fast and frugal--unlike the CR-Z which in lacking in both categories). Of course, given the poor performace specs on the CR-Z, Toyota really doesn't have to do too much to produce a better car. Hopefully the MR2 will not only improve on the CR-Z but set a new bench mark in performance.

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