VIDEOS: 2011 BMW 5-Series Sedan Presentation, Plus Driving Footage

You've seen the photos, read the details, now it's time to watch the all-new, sixth-generation BMW 5-Series sedan on film. If you follow the break, you'll find three videos including one from Monday's press event, a digital presentation of the executive sedan and of course, driving footage and static beauty shots. We remind you that BMW's new Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6 antagonist will go on sale in March 2010 and will be followed by a Touring model and of course, the highly anticipated M5 variant with a twin-turbo V8 engine.


Anonymous said... »November 24, 2009

ugly, just little bigger 3 series

Anonymous said... »November 24, 2009

after seeing this, i just realise how much i miss the e39. this looks 'bland'; similar feeling i got with the e90. i see a little bit of 7 series in it; which is not a compliment . i would like to see a bit more CS influnce. On the engine side; i recall a few years back when Mercedes launch the Supercharged series of engines and commented on BMW normally aspirated M5; that the only way bmw can beat them is 'forced induction'. i wish bmw would have ignored them (an greenies) and go for say a 6.0 M5. i still don't like the 335 sound although it is a brilliant engine.

Anonymous said... »November 24, 2009

the taillamps look like they are from infiniti g37... wtf, bmw?

Anonymous said... »November 24, 2009

It's like a bigger facelift of the 3 series.. Well done BMW. That's a special company that makes people that believe they are buying not a car, but just a badge on the front and back.. It's ridiculous.. There are some exception through the model line through the years, but not many.. BMW ? No thanks. or maybe you are a cock and you want several badges for some 50k EUR and above (=better) :)

Anonymous said... »November 24, 2009

10 milion news for this car. It's not even exciting and beautiful.. I believe crash test, researches etc. has killed the possibility any of the designer's imagination on the drawing tables to come alive.. such a shame really.

Anonymous said... »November 24, 2009

Its the same ugly design cues transferred from the 7 series. It looks like the back has been smashed in with a golf club. The front looks like a beaver snout. Its ugly and looks like a mole.

Anonymous said... »November 25, 2009

The perfect result of a "Design By Committee" effort. I own an e46 M3 and used to wax poetic about BMW's understated design and ergonomic excellence. Now I'm just embarrassed and have to remind everyone that not every product of a company can be an instant classic [like the e46 M3].

Oh well, thank heavens for Audi getting it right! Bring on the RS5!!!

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