Artist Creates Three-Door, Rear-Engined Subaru Impreza WRX


In the digital world of photoshop, the only limit is the imagination and talent of the person using the graphics editing program. This piece of work was created by the chaps over at Digimods and it shows a proposal for a three-door version of the latest Subaru Impreza WRX fitted with a rear-mounted engine. A wide bodykit with bulging fenders, new alloy wheels and a bevy of air scoops including one on the roof that supplies air to the engine complete the mods.

Source: Digimods , Via: Zerothundred


Anonymous said... »December 29, 2009

looks like.. Washing mashine

Anonymous said... »December 29, 2009

Anonymous above probably comes from a country where he has not seen a real wash machine. I really like the design and it looks far more aggressive than its current model.

Anonymous said... »December 29, 2009

Too ricey; needs to tone it down.

lazy penguin said... »December 29, 2009

Should get rid of the hood scoops since they put the engine in the rear.

Anonymous said... »December 29, 2009

that roof scoop will make an nice bird bath when it rains

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