The Muschallaro: Part Challenger, Part Camaro, Part Mustang

A talented modeler named Robert D. came up with the wacky idea of creating a scale-model that combines elements from the latest editions of Detroit's pony cars: the body of a Chevy Camaro, the front end of a Dodge Challenger and the rear-end of the Ford Mustang. And this here is the result.

"I like the main body of the Camaro better than the Challenger. I like the Challenger front end better than the Camaro. Once the idea was in my head to add Mustang to the equation, it all came together, because I found out pretty quickly that the three could combine into one," Robert stated in a forum for model cars.

We don't have to tell those of that you have ever attempted to make a custom model that it's easier said than done. Nevertheless, after four painstaking months of work, Robert pulled it off.

And even if you disagree with the aesthetics or the parts of the three muscle cars that were chosen for the model, you can't but admire the result from a technical point of view.

Now, any ideas what the tri-pony car should be named?

Source: Fotki , Via: Model Cars and Car Domain - Thanks for the tip Marcus!


Anonymous said... »December 22, 2009

the return of plymouth in one fell swoop a nice model of a new cuda if they made one that is

Anonymous said... »December 22, 2009

At first sight of the name "Muschallaro" I thought "Oh god...what kind of idiotic piece of road-going garbage can be this and how idiotic would the redneck that created be?" but I absolutely regret it.

It looks strange, but interesting and very muscle-y. Just great, but you can't explain why. It's a wacky idea mixing 3 american antagonist pony cars but this guy managed to do it, with great results and effort. Massive congratulations.

Anonymous said... »December 22, 2009

Robert has essentially created a muscle car for the next Grand Theft Auto series.

Anonymous said... »December 22, 2009

"Robert has essentially created a muscle car for the next Grand Theft Auto series."

That's basically what I thought when I saw it. Although whenever I play GTA, the all the cars remind me of Chinese copies of actual cars.

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2009

I would Have one with out a doubt... i have always thought these 3 cars were lacking something... but its totaly gone... To put it simply it would be the perfect muscle car as long as it had the HEMI... Very well done Robert

Robert said... »December 23, 2009

I'm Bob Downie, the builder. A friend suggested "Menaj" for the name...but I call it "Flashback". It was a fun model to build, that's for sure! Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2009

Those are some serious modelling skills!
And the final result came out great, indeed, It would look fantastic on 1:1 scale. Anyone?
Congratulations Robert

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2009

Hey Detroit, do you have any job openings for this man?

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2009

Is it me, or did the Camaro's roof appear to get chopped? I mean it is a model, but the roof looks lower for some reason.

vlmdesigner18 said... »December 23, 2009

After trying some weird names, i've selected "Camustenger".

lazy penguin said... »December 23, 2009

Looks great. Robert, you wouldn't happen to want to make one in 1:18 scale that I could add to my model car collection, would you?

Anonymous said... »December 26, 2009

Sorry to say: it looks positively inane!

Anonymous said... »January 13, 2010

I love the car!! The name "Muschallaro" sound Italian. But it would be a full blooded American Muscle Car as long as it had a "Hemi" engine!

Anonymous said... »January 23, 2010

How about "The Trinity".

TedBrock said... »May 01, 2010

Is there a convertible in the works? I am kind of ragtop guy.

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