New Peugeot 408 Sedan Breaks Cover in China


French carmaker Peugeot took the wraps off its new China-made 408 sedan in Beijing on Monday. Despite its name, the 408 is not a successor to the European 407, which is also available in China, but a long-wheelbase (+100mm), sedan version of Peugeot's 308 range that includes three and five-door hatchback, coupe-convertible and station wagon models.

Designed and developed jointly by Peugeot's Styling teams in Europe and China, the 408 is the fruit of work by the joint venture set up between PSA Peugeot Citroen and the Chinese group DFM.

The 408 measures 4.68 meters in length, 1.81 meter in width and has a wheelbase of 2.71 meters, meaning it's roughly the same size as the 407 sedan (4.69m, 1.81m and 2.72m respectively).

At launch, the 408 sedan will be available in China with a choice of 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter gasoline engines producing 106HP and 147HP respectively.

The sedan is being produced at the Wuhan plant in Hubei province in China with Peugeot expecting full-year sales target of 100,000 units.


Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

What an Ugly, styleless MF is this?

especially after the stunning 407. stylish and even beautiful...
and this...
if they had the Subaru designers and Driectors (whom we know as tasteless Bunch of people..)
but that not like peageot...

Damn Shame.

krazy said... »January 26, 2010

Not a big fan of that nose :(

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

The new front end looks a lot better than the Peugeot 308 its based on. I'm really glad they've seen the light and decided to tone down the increasingly ridiculous gaping mouth design.

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

Ugly, if you took out the badge from the front it would look like one of those JDM not-for-export Toyotas. Let it stay in China.

So now that they've commandeered the 408 badge, how do they name the replacement for the 407 in China once it arrives?

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

Looks like the designers were blindfolded when they did this!

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

i don't agree with you! it looks sleek and neat! the rear looks even like the 406 coupe, not bad hey!

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

is it me or is there something very wrong at Peugeots design department? seem like design was signed off before the unveiling of the new design language previewed in that recent concept. Its bland, looks to evolutionary, can you afford to play it so safe in this segment of the market? We'll pray that the coupe version adds some flair like it has always done for this family car in the same way as the laguna coupe has for renault.
Apparently its the 208 that will be the first to get the new styling - why? is this as important a model as the 407? I was so excited when I saw the spy shots, now Im just really really dissapointed.

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

talk about saving costs! citroen c5 mirrors and interior from the 308! should of used the interior from the 3008/5008 models.

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

phew just read that this IS NOT a replacement for the 407 just a china only model based on the 308, well lets hope the 508 as it will be known will deliver when it comes 2011

para said... »January 26, 2010

"Despite its name, the 408 is not a successor to the European 407..."

You had me worried there for a second...

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

guys, it has been said lately that the successor to the 407 will be named 508 and will place between 407 and 607.

My comment on this - rear end as in 406 only refreshed, front end just like 407 only with this I-don't-know-how-to-name-it middle of the bonnet change. Hopefully only for China.

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

I'v gone blind

Anonymous said... »January 27, 2010

uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. and it will have crap build quality.

Kiyoshi Manabe said... »January 28, 2010

Good design,yet cheap looking plastic material spoils her nature in my notion.
The designation "408 sedan" would enhance misunderstanding about its character,as "selling dog's meat instead of mutton"(old Chinese proverb)! Namely it is in the same way as Brazilian GM's C-segment sedan named "Chevrolet Vectra",mechanically no Opel Vectra but mere a booted Opel Astra. Such shoddy trick is only for newly developing countries,yet recent Chinese yuppies seem hard to be cheated! The VW Sagitar and the Buick Excelle seem more charming than the 308-based Peugeot 408 Sedan for me.

Steve said... »February 05, 2010

Critics like many who have posted here have pushed Peugeot into designing this ugly crap just coz they don't have a good taste to enjoy the revolutionary Peugeot 407 look. If you doubt, check it out against the 407.

The 407 is a single complete designed with everything matching seamlessly. But this is a patch up from 308 and 406 of old.

Why did Peugeot ever open their ears to these critics who are stuck in the 90's?

Anonymous said... »April 07, 2010

Compare between 407 and 408 its younger brother of 4 series... 407 is much more, more and more better in-term of looking, appearance, style and sexy.

This 408 car is a married between Europe "French" DNA with Chinese DNA. look cheap and less confident... pampered lions... Some call "Chinese kissing. BUT, not French Kiss... less romantics, passionate and macho.

Where is french DNA and french Kiss? This car look like japanese and
korean influence. so disappointed. It make me lose appetite to drive Peugeot in future.

The Peugeot 407 million miles philosophy than 408.

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