Opel Calibra Transformed into an Aston Martin DB9


A team of tuners, allegedly from Thailand, chose to sacrifice a 1990s Opel Calibra coupe to create this Aston Martin DB9 replica. We don't have any details on the project, but judging by the photos, we gather that it could fool an untrained eye.

While not a popular model for conversions, this isn't the first time we've seen an Opel Calibra being used as a donor car for the creation of a replica.

If you click here, you can check out a Calibra-based Porsche 911 Turbo replica that was up for grabs on eBay a couple of years ago.

Via: Topspeed & Motofilm


Opel Calibra


lazy penguin said... »January 24, 2010

Looks like a DBS replica, not a DB9 (pretty much same car anyway). Still a pretty good replica.

Anonymous said... »January 24, 2010

It is an impressive replica.

Paupj said... »January 24, 2010

I wont be able to look at Opel Calibra in the same way as before anymore !!
That's gorgeous :D

Anonymous said... »January 24, 2010

not bad!

Anonymous said... »January 24, 2010


Anonymous said... »January 25, 2010

Whatever you will do from Opel Calibra - it will be way better then original. This one is really good :)

Bogdan said... »January 25, 2010

Original, but I don't like it very much.

Sergio said... »January 25, 2010

It does look more like a DBS, still very vary impressive! good job.

Anonymous said... »January 25, 2010

Great job! That's the best replica I have ever seen.
The project is just hugely expensive, but it's worth it for the fun :P

Anonymous said... »January 25, 2010

Let's see, could they have had a new Aston for the price of this project?

Anonymous said... »January 25, 2010

i like things like this because it just fun to do something like this. wow, hats off guys

Carguy 123

Anonymous said... »January 26, 2010

Well done, but a lot of effort too just end up with an old Opel. No way to recuperate the costs and efforts, but the experience should have some downstream benefits and it sure would be a feather in your 'accomplished efforts' hat, and I always salute that.


Braddo said... »January 27, 2010

Would love to see it finished! and interior shots! thats an amazing transformation... Wow some people have so much time on their hands!

Anonymous said... »February 12, 2010

In thailand things are cheap...

its probably just not over ฿ 1,000,000 BHT (฿33.32BHT =$ 1 USD)

yes they can... from thailand.

PONG said... »May 13, 2010

Ihis car is making for a movie "big boy" in Thailand . This Transformed cost at 500,000 BHT(about 15,006USD)

Anonymous said... »May 31, 2010

Moja calibra i tak najładniejsza... i chuj. zygrol.

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