Volkswagen Teases All-New Sharan MPV Ahead of Geneva Motor Show


The countdown for the presentation of the all-new Sharan people-carrier has began as the first teaser photo of the MPV along with a timer that shows the days left for its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show has made its appearance on Volkswagen's public site.

The up-skirt image reveals the new Sharan's front fascia (headlight and grille design) that keeps in line with other Volkswagen products such as the latest generation Polo and Golf.

We don't have anything else on the Touran's big brother, but we gather that it will most likely feature sliding rear doors and seat up to seven passengers in three rows, and that, unlike the current model that shared a common platform with Ford's previous generation Galaxy MPV, Volkswagen is all alone on this one.



Anonymous said... »February 19, 2010

So what ? It's a sharan with a polo-golf face... Next car please.

Anonymous said... »February 20, 2010

By the way, it's going to be produced in the Autoeuropa plant, in Palmela, Portugal (:

Anonymous said... »February 20, 2010

not before time, the old one was creaking

Anonymous said... »February 20, 2010

yeah its about time !

Anonymous said... »February 20, 2010

Looks good, about time to. The current one dates back to 1995, and has over the last 15-years just been facelifted several times to stay looking fresh.

Anonymous said... »February 21, 2010

What's the point of teasing for a boring model of a boring brand?

Sergejs said... »February 21, 2010

wow, that white cover does look trendy, a bit of BMW Gina feel in it... too bad that Golf-Polo-Tuareg-etc. front is ruining the pretty white cover!

Yea really are we supposed to be exited about it? I really feel for the designer guy who will try to sell this "beautiful design" as the next milestone in whatever. I am so sick of VW design that I would better buy a beige Toyota - Toyota at least has something Different than everything you ever saw from VW for last 20 years.

Anonymous said... »February 22, 2010

I've alredy seen the real thing about a year ago and it´s SEAT sister. Believe me if i tell you they a reeeeally boring. They are no Espace o S-max. They are only a box with wheels.

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