First Photo of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi F430 GT Roller Coaster


In a few months time, the rich and famous of our world will have their own automotive 'Disney Land' with the opening of the new Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi. Among the twenty or so rides and attractions featured at the park will be the GT roller coaster and this here is the first photograph of the car .

Each coaster vehicle in this particular ride is a replica of a Ferrari F430 Spider that can seat up to four people. According to Ferrari, the GT Racing Coaster will send two competing roller coaster carriages dashing along twisting parallel tracks on a race to the finish line.

Aside from the GT Racing Coaster there will also be an F1 ride which is said to be world's fastest roller coaster travelling at speeds in excess of 200 km/h (125mph) and shooting passengers more than 62 m through the roof and back down again to offer them a G-force experience.

The world's first Ferrari theme park and the largest attraction of its kind is scheduled to open on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi in the second half of 2010. For more information on the park, click here to check out our previous post.



Anonymous said... »March 15, 2010

Geeze, I going there for my vacation this summer. Also, I would like to point out the beautiful design of the building itself; its so organic in form.


Anonymous said... »March 15, 2010

Reg; Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.

This situation has been an architect's wet dream. I don't think in modern times that we have ever seen a situation where prodigious Fantastical creations were loosed on the land. Nothing short of amazing.

The new race track in Bahrain is another example of that creativity unleashed by the largesse of the moneyed developers in the UAE.

We probably won't see this level of produced creativity again... ever!

Anonymous said... »March 15, 2010

^ Architechs who value their work don't build for, or within, theocracies.

Braddo said... »March 15, 2010

wow - that is an amazing building! HUGE! The coasters look awesome... That would be a fun place to go for sure - will be interesting in like 10 years when there is no money left in UAE!

Anonymous said... »March 16, 2010

The last time this post about Ferrari world in Adb came up it created a storm in the comments section..remember..
anyways the first time i ve seen a Ferrari with 18 wheels.
I hope they would incorporate real formula 1 cars which are fully computer controlled without any driver assist with magnets or other guiding stuff on tracks which can take drivers for the ride of their lives in complete safety without needing to be a formula level driver. Maybe im fantasizing.

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