New Ford Focus Station Wagon Unveiled Ahead of Geneva Show


[Updated] We first told you about Ford's new Station Wagon model during this past weekend but the automaker now come out with official photos of the fifth member of its Focus family after the five-door hatchback, four-door sedan, C-MAX and C-MAX Grand models.

For the time being, the new generation of the Focus Station Wagon is European-only matter as there are no current plans to offer the vehicle in North America.

However, Ford Europe CEO John Fleming noted that the company may sell the Estate model in other markets around the world, "provided the business case and customer demand exist."

Ford considers the Station Wagon a very crucial model for the European market, as around one third of all Focus customers choose this body-style. In some markets, such as Italy and Germany, the wagon derivative is said to represent more than half of all Ford Focus cars sold.

The European powertrain line-up for the 2011 Focus models will include a new range of naturally-aspirated and turbocharged petrol as well as diesel engines.

The petrol offerings include a 1.6-liter unit with 105HP or 125HP, and the all-new 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbo with direct-injection with 150HP or 180HP.

The diesel range includes a 1.6-liter engine producing 95HP or 115HP and a 2.0-liter variant delivering 115HP (some markets), 140HP and 163HP.

No specific details were released about the Focus Station Wagon model but Ford confirmed that the Focus' new global C-segment platform will underpin at least ten vehicles around the world.

Aside from the five bodystyles already introduced, the Focus family will also include a three-door hatchback, a convertible with a retractable hardtop, a replacement for the current Kuga SUV, while there's also talk about a sporty two-door coupe model.

The Focus Station Wagon will make its world debut alongside the five-door Focus hatchback that will be appearing in Europe for the first time at this week's Geneva Motor Show.

European and North American production of the new Focus starts simultaneously in late 2010 with sales to follow from early 2011. Asia, Africa and South America production will follow later in 2011.


Anonymous said... »March 01, 2010

A lot of Mondeo's styling curves, I like the SW version, quite concerned about the hatchback which reminds me of a Dodge

Anonymous said... »March 01, 2010

My '98 Taurus wagon with 271,000 mi is near the end, and I need the new Focus Wagon for it's size. Please Ford. Bring it over soon before my beloved Taurus dies. Stunning looks, fuel economy, driveability; they will sell once Americans see them.

Anonymous said... »March 01, 2010

The five-door Focus hatchback looks good.

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

That is a very handsome wagon! I wonder if Ford will add AWD and a bigger engine with the ecoboost engine? If not at least an SVT version, not limited to one body style.

Vladigar said... »March 02, 2010

Is there no sedan body for European market?

Anonymous said... »March 12, 2010

Very handsome wagon!!! All of the Focus line appear to be be nicely styled. Still not sure about that triangular bit in front grill. With an American liscense plate on front it would look strange. Hopefully, we will see the wagon and the C-max (5 seater)in America. The Grand C-max might fail here as larger vans can be bought for the same money.

Anonymous said... »March 22, 2010

Yes, please, bring the new Focus wagon to the U.S. I'm driving a 2004 Focus wagon, and I'd like to replace it in 2010, if possible, but hopefully, I can wait til early 2011. I love the way my Focus wagon drives, and it's the car I want, just maybe a little more room for passenger's legs in the front seat would be nice. But please, bring it here soon!

Anonymous said... »May 14, 2010

wow! gorgeous. I would buy one in a heart beat. I love my 2001 Focus Wagon but this sweet heart is even nicer.

Please Ford, bring it over to NA.

Anonymous said... »September 19, 2010

Looking for a wagon - do not want a SUV or mini-van - would love to see the Ford Focus Wagon sold in the US

Anonymous said... »March 14, 2011

I currently drive a 2000 Ford Taurus Station Wagon with 166,000 miles. I would prefer replacing my vehicle with a Ford Focus Station Wagon, but it doesn't exist in this country. I don't want a van or an SUV. Thus, if I want a new station wagon, I am forced to buy a non-American car.

Anonymous said... »April 19, 2011

I have a '97 Ford Escort station wagon with 97K miles. It is a very dependable car. Low maintenance. Still, I'd be interested in a Ford Station wagon in '12 or '13.

Walter said... »January 08, 2012

As usual, Ford ignores the American market for station wagons. That's why I bought a Subaru!

Al Andreas said... »June 27, 2012

focus wagon in the US!!!!!!!


Wonder why Americans buy LARGE SUVs.  Cant get the small wagon that will do much better than an SUV.

My wife still drives her 2002 Focus wagon and will not give it up!!
Should have purchased a new one in 2007 when they were still made.  I had no Idea they would leave it out of the US market this long.

Thinking of the Hyundai Elantra Touring,  but hate the thought of buying a Korean country auto.

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