Porsche Drops some "E" in Geneva: The 918 Spyder Concept


[Updated Photo Gallery] Porsche just released a new, mid-engined conceptual bomb on the EPA via Geneva. The 918 Spyder, a plug-in concept with claimed emissions of 70g CO2/km, is said to provide the Marty McFly's kids with a fuel economy of 78 mpg US (3L / 100 km) while lapping the 'Ring in 7:30, hitting 100km/h in 3.2 seconds, and peaking at 320 km/h (198 mph). That's supposed to get you hooked.

Its engine is a 9,200 RPM-reaching, 500-horse out-putting, 3.4 liter-displacing V8 which is electro-enhanced by way of motors that supposedly add another 160 kW (218 hp).

All-wheel-power hits the ground via a 7-speed PDK, energy is stored in a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery behind the passenger, the brakes are regenerative, and the carbon-fiberized plastic body panels keep weight around 1,490 kilos (3,285 lbs). But you say you want variety?

According to Porsche, the 918 has four different modes of power delivery:

"A button on the steering wheel allows the driver to choose among four different running modes: The E-Drive mode is for running the car under electric power alone, with a range of up to 25 km or 16 miles. In the Hybrid mode, the 918 Spyder uses both the electric motors and the combustion engine as a function of driving conditions and requirements, offering a range from particularly fuel-efficient all the way to extra-powerful."

The Sport Hybrid mode uses both drive systems, but with the focus on performance. Most of the drive power goes to the rear wheels, with Torque Vectoring serving to additionally improve the carís driving dynamics.

In the Race Hybrid mode the drive systems are focused on pure performance with the highest standard of driving dynamics on the track, running at the limit to their power and dynamic output.

With the battery sufficiently charged, a push-to-pass button feeds in additional electrical power (E-Boost), when overtaking or for even better performance."

Inside the Spyder, people will be able to preview Porsche's future interior design/tech ideas.

Prime examples include the already-popular lighting variations (Eco mode is green, Sport is red, etc.), a very-Ferrari multi-function steering wheel, and Range Manager, a nav-system-based program that A) shows the car's current range - on a map - when driving, and B) shows the car's electricity-only range when in a city, along with potential filling stations.

Porsche says the 918 Spyder can even beat the Carrera GT on the Nordschleife. I'll believe it when I see it. Until THAT insane feat is proven, have a look at Porsche's official pics below. Live shots are on their way.

-By Phil Alex


Anonymous said... »March 01, 2010

Beautifull!! The only bad thing it's the hybrid engine

Anonymous said... »March 01, 2010

DAMN...I just wee-wee'd me pants!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... »March 01, 2010

PUT IT INTO PRODUCTION PLEASE!!! This is one realistically great future sports car!

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010


Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

Absolute perfection...

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

No way too iffy electric motor will get fried ie copper fielding will melt at 1000 celcius,unless it's water cooled wait & see.

SamuraiJack said... »March 02, 2010

Now Porsche is going in the right direction!

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

Great design. Its tryed to move away from the traditional Porsche design.

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010


Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

oh, my, GOD!

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

LOL I thought that was a Ferrari at first! And although a 3.4L V8 is nice, I'd LOVE to see it with a Flat-8!

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

Nice melding of the two technologies. Let's see, when my battery dies, I'll still have 500hp. Now that's a hybrid I could get into!! I wonder if it would lure any Prius fans to Porsche? ;) You do know, however, That a Prius going 80mph can easily overtake this Porsche when it's going 60mph. Thanks, Top Gear!!

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

Interesting wheel design. But the side exhaust will stain the paint job easily. Gorgeous deviation from the generic Porsches.

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

I see some VW/Audi influence (especially at the back) is a great piece of machinery...

Bimbak said... »March 02, 2010

now thats a Porsche i could like

Anonymous said... »March 02, 2010

>>No way too iffy electric motor will get fried ie copper fielding will melt at 1000 celcius,unless it's water cooled wait & see

you're obviously an idiot. If temperatures in a car- even its engine- were reaching 1000C, the car would be ON FIRE. That's beyond the flash point of the gasoline in its tank, and even some of the metal alloys in its construction.

Lou said... »March 03, 2010

This is what the Carrera GT should have looked like.

Anonymous said... »March 03, 2010

Gee, do you think this car could have perhaps been created with Cayenne/Panmera profits???
Hummmm… Funny how no one has yet mentioned that fact. Seems everybody is too busy sticking to their undercrackers!
Vindication enough for Porsche’s “recent sins” I would say.

Anonymous said... »March 03, 2010

uhmm i don't like it.

Anonymous said... »March 03, 2010

WELL DONE PORSCHE! I got a chubby reading the specs. and viewing the photos.9,200 RPM-reaching, 500-horse out-putting, 3.4 liter, thats impressive.

With the electric motors does that bring the HP up to 718hp?

Navy blak shu said... »April 22, 2011

Sure doesn't look anything like my 1600super Convertible C I took delivery on in 1959 in San Diego. Is there room in the trunk for a bag of golf clubs? Navy Blak Shu

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