Rolls Royce Phantom Style Sofa for Two


If you have a knack for everything automotive and a few thousand dollars to spare (and no wife to complain..), then you ought to take a look at this 'royal' couch inspired from the Rolls Royce Phantom. The two seater sofa comes complete with a set of wheels and a normal trunk, although we would advise you to avoid using it as a... baby cradle as suggested by the photos. The 'Divani Rolls' is said to be priced from $5,500.

Via: Autogespot & Topgir


Anonymous said... »March 19, 2010

Deeply awful. It doesn't help that it looks completely out-of-place in that cramped pathetic excuse of an apartment.

It looks like Mr Burns told Smithers to drive through a poor person's home.

Anonymous said... »March 19, 2010

Oh lord,as if the Rolls-Royce couch wasn't horrid enough,I can only imagine what they did to that poor Lamborghini in the background!

Anonymous said... »March 19, 2010


lazy penguin said... »March 19, 2010

I think that it would look more at home in a posh garage.

Anonymous said... »March 19, 2010

Because I am a socicopath, I do agree with the practice of putting babies in the locked trunk of a Rolla.

jackson said... »March 19, 2010

Eeeew, what if some one have sex on it and decided to sell it like i did with mine, er any takers? i will ship it right to your door.

Anonymous said... »March 20, 2010


Braddo said... »March 20, 2010

good lord - as a designer myself, I do not understand WHO would want this - its bloody terrible!

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