AMI 2010: Chevrolet Cruze Irmscher Edition with 186HP


Chevrolet and its European tuning partner Irmscher presented a humbly beefed up version of the Cruze compact sedan with cosmetic and performance upgrades at this week's AMI motorshow in Leipzig, Germany.

Dubbed the Cruze Irmscher Edition, the car gets an optional boot lid spoiler along with 18-inch alloy wheels shod in beefier 225 sport tires and aluminum door sills.

Irmscher's performance modifications include a 25mm suspension drop and exhaust silencers with elliptical twin exits along with a 36HP and 146Nm boost for the 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine increasing total output to 186HP and 466Nm at 2,300 rpm.

According to the tuner, the diesel version accelerates from zero to 100km/h (62mph) in 8.0 seconds.

The Cruze Irmscher Edition is available for order at Chevrolet's German dealerships.


Anonymous said... »April 11, 2010

a far cry from all past small chevrolets, but i am getting bored with it already. just bring it out, chevy! gm taunts and teases the public and press, as with this car, the new camaro, volt and probably the cadillac dts/sts replacement.

Anonymous said... »April 11, 2010

The Cruze is the first "New Chevy" car I really like from design point of view. But I wonder why there is no station wagon version of the Cruze, it would be the ideal family car.

Anonymous said... »April 11, 2010

^ no wagon, as the caviler wagon and even gm hatchbacks have generally been such poor sellers in the united states, gm has been avoiding them according to lutz and smith and other gm officials past and present. i even think fmc has abandoned the escort wagon in the stated, eh? honda and toyota discontinued the accord/civic/camry/corolla wagons in the u.s. it will be interesting to see if the 2011 acura tsx touring wagon will survive in north america.

Anonymous said... »April 11, 2010

"But I wonder why there is no station wagon version of the Cruze, it would be the ideal family car."

See 'chevrolet orlando'.

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