Larger-than-life BMW Ad Resides over Hong Kong Audi Dealership


The BMW/Audi ad war continues, and the latest attack recently took place in Hong Kong. BMW marketing picked up some prime ad space above an Audi dealership, and it looks as if the building owner is making a double-edged killing. Floor space to Audi and wall space to BMW? Genius.

Now if only the owner could get Mercedes to shoot a commercial there, they'd have the German luxury trifecta in their pocket.

By Phil Alex

Photo Source: Chris Junker / flickr , Via: Worldcarfans & Jalopnik


Anonymous said... »April 26, 2010

And a BMW Mini flies by as well!! Motor on

Anonymous said... »April 26, 2010

Stay classy, BMW...

Anonymous said... »April 27, 2010

and GM has its advertisements on manhole covers near the showroom.

Anonymous said... »April 27, 2010

What a provocation, this is war!! :)

Anonymous said... »April 27, 2010

""on manhole covers"

Re: panties.

Anonymous said... »April 28, 2010

@ anon 3
lol.. but they flipped it upside down after complaints from the people who were walking near the pavement :D

Anonymous said... »April 28, 2010

when is this beauty comin to South Africa?

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