Marussia F2 Crossover Makes its Debut in Moscow


The Marussia F2 was recently unveiled in Moscow, and boy does it have some lofty goals. With the blocky, zig-zaggy F2, Marussia wants to move beyond the supercar crowd and target well-to-do individuals and fleet services alike. Sadly, it seems to just be a mock-up (no actual stats were provided).

Forget the love-it or hate-it design; the F2 has got more going for it than one might think. It's supposedly got a modular interior, allowing it to be reconfigured depending on the needs at hand, the rear doors slide for better entry and exit, and it uses a multimedia system that integrates GPS, Skype, and probably a few other neat tricks.

All these aspects could be good for people needing a vehicle to tackle SWAT duties, off-road rescue, or simple transportation between high-level super-secret meetings where there's a briefcase handcuffed to your arm.

Interesting, but why not just modernize a Hummvee?

By Phil Alex

Via: Marussia


Anonymous said... »May 13, 2010

C'mon this is the new Transformer, BoxWad, for the next umpteen release of the movie series, right?

Braddo said... »May 14, 2010

mmm Awkward is the first word that comes to mind... The window lines are pretty messy, yeah it just looks awkward.. Not feasable me thinks...

Anonymous said... »May 14, 2010

This vehicle fits perfectly for the next Transformer movie... or perhaps Robocop (if there is any revival of the movie at all)?

Anonymous said... »May 14, 2010

fix the windows and the upward curving lines and this is one macho machine...could be bold and beautiful with a little tweaking...i like it.

Anonymous said... »May 14, 2010

Yeah, it's definitely a transformer. Didn't you know that next movie will be shot in Moscow. That's one of the bad guys.

BTW, here are some pics of the rear end and the interior.

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