New Fiat Uno Part II: Photo Gallery and Details of Italian Supermini


Fiat has officially introduced the new generation of its Uno supermini in South America. The Italian automaker released a barrage of photos and initial specs on the spiritual successor of the original Uno that will first go on sale in Brazil this month, with other South American countries to follow suit in the second half of the year.

There have been reports from Italy stating that Fiat plans to sell and produce the new Uno in Europe and Russia, but this has yet to be confirmed from official sources.

Measuring 3,770mm in length, 1,643mm in width and 1,490mm in height with a wheelbase length of 2,370mm (boot capacity stands at 280 liters), the new Uno fits (dimension-wise) between the Panda and the Punto EVO.

In some ways, it's exterior styling bears a passing resemblance to the smaller Panda, albeit in a larger package and with its own unique detailing. The interior design is more simple and less stylish than in other Fiat products - at least compared to the ones sold in Europe.

In typical Fiat fashion, the new Uno will be come in plenty of flavors including a pseudo-SUV version called "Way" that features a higher road clearance and rugged looks.

Depending on the market, the new Uno will be offered with a choice of two new flex-fuel petrol engines, a 1.0-liter unit producing 73HP when running on alcohol and 75HP on gasoline, and a 1.4-liter unit delivering a maximum output of 88HP on alcohol and 85HP on gasoline.

Both engines are hooked up to a five-speed manual gearbox that drives the front wheels.


Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

like every crappy-made Fiat.

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

Too much time with your head up your ass...

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

like every simpleton opinion.

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

This is nothing more than a slightly made over Panda. Fiat short changes South America once again...

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

i own a fiat and yes. it's going to be crap.

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

Interior is 15 years behind competition.

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

Well, looks like any other Japanese supermini of the past decade - oh, wait, it´s Italian. So you don´t have to bother about quality-issues, because there won´t be any...

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

What an excellent example of a piece of crap,only in s america hope it stays there period.

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

What a fantastically thought out post, all Fiat's are junk, yeah that's right, damn it you are clever;-)

This Uno looks like it'll be a great success, a real-world car that is both honest and durable

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

Do you still live in the 80's?

Anonymous said... »May 05, 2010

C'mon people, give it a try. It's even no reports from credible car tester

SamuraiJack said... »May 06, 2010

Well, it's not worse than a Sandero, and the Sandero has been very successful

Anonymous said... »May 08, 2010

Like every crappy-made Fiat"

That was brilliant. Now where's that other all purpose Fiat descriptor used by flippant pin-heads... "Fix it again..."
Amazing how anything small and Fiat attracts cynics like flies. How about some perspective here? This isn't meant as a high-end vehicle; it's an inexpensive commuter. Weigh that in its favour at least and measure it against other vehicles in its class. Calling it crap means what? Mostly that you're not very intelligent.

Anonymous said... »May 08, 2010

1st comment.....STUPID
8th comment.....SUPIDer.

People in S America get Every single car there is in the world, every brand every type, maybe some brands many of you anonymous have not heard off.

And returning to FIAT:
Fiat Uno one of the most sold cars IN THE WORLD, you just dont selling a lot of "crap" because of luck or looks, through history the one has had unique caracteristics than make it unique a "UNO".

Anonymous said... »May 09, 2010

the majority of you people bitching have prob never seen, or sat in a modern Fiat. You have very strong opinions for people who basically know nothing. I have to laugh when i read these comments

Anonymous said... »May 10, 2010

The grille looks too much like that of the first-generation Panda. I'd say give it another grille and put this one on the Panda, for legacy reasons. Other than that, it's going to be A-OK, like the Panda it's based on.

Anonymous said... »May 12, 2010

O the one for india. seriously, fiat should have got uno to india instead of grande punto, which resembles a bull in a china shop

Anonymous said... »May 17, 2010

fiat = junk end of

Anonymous said... »May 17, 2010

i had an original uno from brand new and it was the most reliable little wagon i have ever had,i drove it for ten yrs and it did not once bre ak down nor fail its mot. i want a new one!!!

Anonymous said... »June 17, 2010

Hopefully spares wont be a problem like the 2007 uno in south africa-even the factory battles o yes forgot Fiat got their money

Anonymous said... »October 22, 2010

must agree that the design unmistakably belongs to a Junk class vehicle. Can't comment on why these cars or most Fiats as a matter of fact have good sales, but it seems that any other car made in Europe, Japan and even Korea is be better looking.

Anonymous said... »October 22, 2010

on a positive side - the medium format camera pictured on a passenger seat is probably more expensive than the car :D

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