Bo Zolland Designs Vintage Hot Rod with CTS-V Power in Mind

Bo Zolland of Sweden's Viztech is at it again. This time, the talented designer has thrown together some spiffy computer generated photos of a vintage hot rod called the "33-34". If it were to become a reality, Bo Zolland says the two-seater hot rod would be powered by the Cadillac CTS-V's 6.2-liter supercharged V8 with 556 ponies. Check out the full photo gallery after the break.

Source: Viztech


Anonymous said... »June 23, 2010

Nice looking Corvette style look to it.

Anonymous said... »June 23, 2010

Beautiful. Love it. And I normally don´t really like Hot Rods.

Justin said... »June 23, 2010

beautiful car, but some design problems with the windsheld/door/side glass.... the side windows dont roll down? no room in the door shell to follow the left window chanel when coming down.... and when the door opens there is still a big piece of the windshild hangin there?
Beautiful car though....

Neinfectat De Comunism said... »June 23, 2010

looks bitching....

Anonymous said... »June 24, 2010

beautiful lines. If were to become reality the designer would have to do something about the doors and side windows..but maintaing the same beauty. Tough. All the best to him.

WARBLADE said... »October 22, 2011

Imagine, giving u a hot rod as company car. Now that's fuckin' awesome. lol XD

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