New 2011 Suzuki Swift Snagged on Film, Could Debut in Paris This Year


Having presented the new Kizashi sedan, Suzuki is now focused on finishing the development of the new generation of the Swift supermini that was spied here on film during testing in and around the Nurburgring race track.

Riding on a new platform, the 2011 Swift will be slightly bigger than today's model but it will maintain its MINI-like design feel and shape. The most notable styling changes (or at least those that can be seen on the camouflaged cars) concern the more prominent and significantly larger headlamps and tail lights.

The Japanese supermini will continue to be offered with a range of small displacement four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, though it will be interesting to see if Suzuki's recent tie-up with the Volkswagen Group will produce any immediate results in the powertrain department.

According to sources, the Japanese automaker is planning to launch the new Swift at the 2010 Paris Motor Show this autumn, with European sales starting shortly after. Being one of the most vital models in the firm's European lineup, prices are expected to remain more or less at the same (competitive) levels as today's Swift.

America may also get Suzuki's Toyota Yaris and Chevrolet Aveo rival as company sources have already confirmed that the new Swift is being developed with United States crash and emissions regulations in mind.

Video: Youtube/AMS



Anonymous said... »June 03, 2010

the stance on this one looks pretty low it should corner well

Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010

Carscoop, what do you mean "the second generation Swift ..."?

John @ Carscoop said... »June 04, 2010

Typo, meant to say new

Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010

Another Golf rip-off.

Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010

I hope it comes loaded. It always had that nice wide stance. A good fast hatch is expected.

Rick said... »June 04, 2010

I'd definitely take this over a Scion and most others in it's class. Love the wheels and ride height, very cool and sporty.

Anonymous said... »June 09, 2010

are the rear brakes drums? O:

Anonymous said... »June 09, 2010

the record breaking impreza WRX that Tommi Makinen drove was there on the same day! haha.

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