New JDM Subaru Legacy B4 2.5GT tS [as in Tuned by STI]


Subaru's in-house tuning arm STI has added some flair to the latest generation of the Japanese market Legacy B4 sedan and its Touring Wagon brethren. The limited production Legacy 2.5GT tS (Subaru talk for Tuned by STI) models come with various cosmetic and performance enhancements, but unfortunately, no upgrades to the 2.5-liter flat-four turbo engine.

The list of performance goodies includes a Bilstein suspension, strut tow bars, sport exhaust system, and 18-inch multispoke alloy wheels shod in 225/45 R18 rubber.

On the outside, STI's team added a front lip spoiler on both models, along with a discreet boot lid spoiler for the B4 sedan and a roof spoiler for the Touring Wagon.

More attention was paid to the interior of the Legacy 2.5GT tS models as both variants get a revised instrument panel, sport seats dressed in alcantara and leather with contrasting red seams, decorative carbon trim in a titanium finish, STI leather steering wheel and gearbox lever with red seams and of course how can we forget, STI-branded floor mats.

In Japan, the sedan model starts from 4,029,900 Yen (around $44,190) and the Touring Wagon from 4,187,400 Yen (around $45,920).


Anonymous said... »June 11, 2010

Sorry, but you can't polish a turd.

Anonymous said... »June 11, 2010

Did that guy really just say that? Some people are so dumb.

wheel balancers said... »June 11, 2010

I like the silver one.I heard there are just few samples will be released in Japan this November.Is it true?

Anonymous said... »June 11, 2010

Turd is fairly harsh in this situation,don't you think?Yes,the styling is a step backwards compared to the previous gen.,but the fact of the matter is this car is still the most dynamically superior yet underrated car in the class.IN my opinion,when compared with the similarly priced Camry,Accord,Sonata,Altima,and whatever rubbish the American automakers think can actually compete in this class,the only real demerit this car has is the fact the exterior could of been so much better...

Anonymous said... »June 12, 2010

To the poster that thinks the legacy is a turd. Im just curious what do you drive?

Anonymous said... »June 12, 2010

I will not waste time talking about an illiterate posted. On to the car... it looks great! I like everything about the design. Not overdone. I only wish for engine upgrades, too. In time perhaps. Still a winner, and it has AWD!

Anonymous said... »June 12, 2010

It IS a turd and it's low sales figures reflect it as a non-starter/non-relevent product in it's segment.

Even the yanks can do better.

Anonymous said... »June 12, 2010

the tS logo looks like it has the same font as the scion tC....

Anonymous said... »June 13, 2010


Anonymous said... »June 13, 2010

this lookz bad az!!!!

Anonymous said... »June 13, 2010

@ anon 1

If you are sorry that you can't polish a turd, then you can go and smell it.

Anonymous said... »June 14, 2010

this legacy looks sweet!

Though I'm definitely seeing the influence from BMW with the rear taillights. :)

flowrush said... »June 14, 2010

wow that far right picture...

Car looks sick in rally blue.

Anonymous said... »June 17, 2010

this car is so sick but there going to make it so so so so so so so ugly i love the last hatchback so much more

Anonymous said... »June 26, 2010

sorry bmw series 3, this JDM legacy would fart on bmw 3 for fun, how the hell do you think B4 legacy cant stand up against it? even infiniti G37X could slap bmw 3 on styling and performance

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