Retro Take for 2012 New VW Beetle Design Study


There's a lot of speculation going around about whether or not Volkswagen will introduce a second generation of the New Beetle. Either way, independent designers from all four-corners of the world are continuing to offer their take on how a 2012 New Beetle should look like.

This here design study for a New Beetle MkII was penned by our Brazilian friend Eduardo Oliveira, who you may remember from previous concepts like the 2012 Jetta, Hyundai i30 Sedan and Ford Thunderbird CC. Unlike David Cordoso's futuristic-looking proposal (see here) that we showed you back in May, Oliveira's design for the New/New Beetle is far more retro.

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Photos Courtesy of Eduardo Oliveira from Irmaododecio


GoFaster58 said... »June 24, 2010

I like it not because it looks similar to the Beetle of old, but because it's thinking outside the box. I'd love to own one of these.

Anonymous said... »June 24, 2010

thank god it will never look like that.

Anonymous said... »June 24, 2010

Very nice..

Anonymous said... »June 24, 2010

Id like it if they could produce them here in the states and make it 10k and i think the front ends on these designs are spot on but the rear is way off.

Anonymous said... »June 24, 2010

Retro is so...retro

Anonymous said... »June 24, 2010


Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010


Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

Eduardo's rendition of the 2nd-gen New Beetle is clearly a fitting "retro-tribute" to the original Beetle... It is instantly... a Beetle of modern proportions (neither too retro or futuristic)... I like it and VW should consider this design proposal...

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

Holy Mother of Misfits!

SamuraiJack said... »June 25, 2010

It could work, but only as a cheap entry-level model

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

Yeaaah.... I'm not feelin it.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

This is actually a lot closer to what the beetle should look like, Retro and stylish, unfortunatelly the explotation of the beetle name means an expensive 'coupe' with no user friendly ergonomics and a high price tag.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

Brings on the old Beetle. Nice.

KAG said... »June 25, 2010

That thing is ugly ugly, but the dash is nice.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

Don't like too much, it looks too close to the original Beetle without having it's flair and feeling. And it is too far away from VW's actual design language. I prefer a more modern style design, the still "New Beetle" is much nicer.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010


Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

I like the yellow one best.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010


Rick said... »June 25, 2010

If you do a design study, do it with respects of that company current design trend. This looks nothing like a VW and I don't think VW would ever approach this style of design. Plus is ugly.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010


Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

A step backward for a design that has always needed improvement.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

Ugly! Horrible! Truly a step backwards! Enough retro, can no one come up with something original?

admx said... »June 25, 2010

Herbie survives!

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

EXTREMELY FINE! vw bugs should elicit great controversy and conjure up the kind of passion seen here and beyond. it is a beetle, after all!

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

A really good idea. Why let the Nissan Juke walk away with the ugliest vehicle title without a challenge. At least before, the Beetle was cute. This looks like it just crawled out of a hole.

Anonymous said... »June 25, 2010

Maybe they are calling it "the Dung Beetle"?

Anonymous said... »June 26, 2010

Design is a mess...

Anonymous said... »June 27, 2010

dash is very simple and honors the memory of the original Beetle...that Crossfusca model looks awesome...hope they build it.

Anonymous said... »June 27, 2010

Stick to soccer my Brazilian friend...

Anonymous said... »June 27, 2010

Wasn't the new beetle supposed to look like a beetle in the first place,... and not just look ridiculous?

Anonymous said... »June 29, 2010

I supposed those who commented "ugly" are from the younger generations?

Anonymous said... »June 29, 2010

AMC Gremlin 2010!!!

Anonymous said... »June 29, 2010


emjayay said... »June 30, 2010

Obviously this is a lot more closely related to the original than the current model or other proposed Beetles. I never understood why those others used a sharp cornered rather than all rounded side window shape, like the original. Plus the roof shape of the current one, unlike the original, cuts off rear seat headroom, making it only a pretend four passenger car. Big mistake, and also makes the shape more pop arty and toylike.

The Fiat 500 and the Mini are doing well. Maybe you can pull the retro idea off once per car. Or, in the case of the Thunderbird, not even.

emjayay said... »June 30, 2010

Oh, and the dashboard (facia/binnacle) is right in its simplicity, but the motorcycleness isn't like historic or present VW design.

Anonymous said... »July 04, 2010

I believe this concept by Eduardo Oliveira wasn't actually supposed to be a successor for VW New Beetle - VW New Beetle is clearly more expensive and more refined. It is supposed to actually be a redesign of the original VW Beetle, and, as such, an entry-level car, not a fancy futuristic one.

I really liked the design :)

Anonymous said... »July 28, 2010

i think that those of us that are diehard vw beetle fans are the only ones that like this new design! but there's ALOT of us...i'm preordering, i hope it goes through, i've owned 2 jettas, 1 gti, 2 original beetles in my lifetime,wouldlove to add this one! love the front, the back needs a little help though...God is on our side VW fans!

Anonymous said... »August 06, 2010

The front is awesome, the back... makes me unhappy. it starting to look like an old geo metro. :(

Lojer99 said... »August 07, 2010

This car looks awesome! My first car was a VW bug and I really like this one. My sons always play punch buggy in the car and want me to purchase a new VW beetle when it arrives next year. I wouldn't mind driving this model.

Alex said... »August 15, 2010

I've been a beetle fanatic since I was probably 3 years old. My first car will be a beetle. I like this version, except for the headlights. They should stay round. Never the less I like the idea of a rectangular shaped tail light, which is similar to the 70's beetle.

Anonymous said... »September 02, 2010

It is not bad.As far as my concerned the engine must be put rear in order to have rear-wheel drive like the old beetle as well as the desing should remind us the classic car.The desiners of fiat 500 did great job.Let the desiners of new generation beetle imitate them!!!

Jim from HELLAS

Anonymous said... »October 14, 2010

i own and always have loved vw bugs but this is the ugliest thing i have ever seen!! plz dont ruin beetles because i will never pay $10 for this crappy looking thing.

Anonymous said... »November 01, 2010

A lot interesting design. It reflects more of the original beetle than the 98 new beetle, not only by the design, but by the rear engine configuration, simple mechanics and overall size. So this one could be the real beetle succesor. Could be a potential success in Latin America, where the new beetle was too big and expensive.
No question, I want it parked in front of my house.

Anonymous said... »November 02, 2010

the worst car i ever did buy was a beetle. every sunday i take my family out for a push

Anonymous said... »December 01, 2010

is this the serious new beetle

Todd said... »January 18, 2011

This design is actually a failure for a retro look because none of the personality of the original Beetle shows through. The front is down-right ugly with the slight lift of the front bumper assembly, like and undershot bull-dogs jaw. If you look at it from the back it reminds me of the horrible Chrysler PT Cruiser, something that seems to turn-on middle-aged women and nothing else. The design needs a little more Kharmann Ghia in it, instead of this corrupted effort.

Anonymous said... »February 03, 2011

front end is updated while still embracing classic beetle. back end shows no beetle characteristics

Anonymous said... »February 23, 2011

What kind of engine will it have? It has good and bad points,but I think its time for the new look but not that rear end. It looks alot more sporty than the beetles of old

Anonymous said... »February 24, 2011

Like the suicide doors, but I think the current shape is better than this. Stick to the classic shape.......

Anonymous said... »March 04, 2011

just make the original beetle with modern safety standards and gadgetry - simple

you can't beat what was then - you can't polish a turd

Anonymous said... »March 10, 2011

The new design sucks.

Anonymous said... »March 10, 2011

Not impressed... guess I'm not upgrading this year.

Anonymous said... »March 10, 2011

Will change to this car if they change the beetle design,r:9,s:0

Anonymous said... »March 26, 2011

The rear needs some work, but overall it's actually very nice, though feels very inspired by current South Korean work. VW is already moving in a more bloated direction, so I don't see them producing anything this sleek.

Shame. If any chinese companies are paying attention, buy this design up.

Anonymous said... »April 18, 2011

Can't have a real retro Beetle without a flat four in the rear. End of discussion.

Anonymous said... »June 18, 2011

I would love to own this retro designed VW Beetle. I think it is so.... cool looking!

Anonymous said... »July 06, 2011

All "vw" fans would love for the "old school" to come back!!! But as the future goes more retro!! So does the "man".... I can only say to anyone who has ever loved the "vw" let's just make it $$$ more affordable for everyone to purchase!!!! CHLYJEN

Aaa said... »August 24, 2011

need to refine the shape ... specially in the back - too thick !!

David Gil Hidalgo said... »October 28, 2011

So much better than the current design

Jegk68 said... »January 29, 2012

lo miro fantastico, me parece que vw, debe optar por ambas versiones, a mi gusto prefiero este vehiculo que el nuevo modelo, 2012.

Anonymous said... »July 03, 2012

Not to bad wouldn't be my exact pick. I likr the sproty red one. Maybe try making the hood more modern. The headlights could be different too. Not bad thogh alot better than past bugs.

bob said... »July 15, 2012

hi, im a vw man , i love it . i hope they build one of theses . i would buy one. 

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